06 September 2012

Truro City Reserves expect to be deducted ten points as well

Source: Simon Larkins Falmouth Packet

It is expected that Truro City Reserves will be deducted ten points following the news that the club has gone into administration on Tuesday.

The club's reserve side currently play in the Carlsberg SW Peninsula League division one west and have lost their opening two games away at Sticker and Vospers Oak Villa.

While the CSWPL officials have not said anything with regards to a points deduction, the Packet Sport understands that the same rules will apply for the Peninsula League as it does for the Conference South.
An official from the Carlsberg SW Peninsula League did issue a statement on Friday saying: "The South West Peninsula Football League Ltd are aware of press reports and reaction regarding Truro City appointing adminstrators to deal with the clubs internal issues.

"Nobody from Truro City has contacted this league in this respect and therefore we await due notification, that is required under league rules, once the adminstrator has been appointed.

"There are issues that will have to be dealt with at this level, as well as Conference level, if the club is placed into adminstration but we will deal with those matters as and when they occur."


Truro City Reserves have been docked ten points by the Carlsberg South West Peninsula League following confirmation today that the club has moved into administration.

Peninsula League company secretary Phil Hiscox issued a statement which read: "The South West Peninsula Football League Ltd has been advised officially that Truro City Football Club is subject to an insolvency event following the appointment of an Administrator on Tuesday, 4th September 2012.

"In accordance with Competition Rules relating to 'Sporting Sanctions' the club has had ten (10) points deducted from its league table score in the Carlsberg SW Peninsula West Division.

"This sanction is subject to Appeal but a club may only Appeal on the ground that the insolvency proceedings arose solely as a result of a Force Majeure event.

"Such Appeal must be submitted within seven (7) days of the date of notification of the sanction."
Mr Hiscox said the decision had been taken following advice from the Football Association and acting onlu after the Football Conference imposed the same penalty earlier in the day.

City's reserves lost their opening two games in the Peninsula League's division one west, so they are now officially on minus ten points.

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  1. What have those lads done wrong? fair enough the senior side has run up the debts this lot don't have two pennies to rub together.

    Heaney you are a WANKER