21 September 2012

Friendship with Chelmsford City grows

Our friendship between fans and Chelmsford City's management continues to flourish.  A simple letter from Steve Clark requesting permission to collect cash at the Melbourne Stadium resulted in nothing less than generous hospitality.  Club Chairman and charismatic leader, Mansell Wallace not only agreed to the collection but has made a generous donation himself.  Mansell, we will remember you forever.

Letter reply below:

Hi Steve

We at Chelmsford would be only too delighted to help in any way we can. We found ourselves in a similar position a few years ago and was profoundly grateful for the help we received from other Clubs. We sincerely wish you all the best for the future and, as I have met and shared a few pints with your supporters, I know your Club will survive this crisis and move on. I will try and get as much publicity for the collection as I can and get it announced on the tannoy. You can have £****** from me with pleasure.

Regards best wishes and good luck

Mansell Wallace


Chelmsford City FC


  1. Mansell is the best Chairman I've ever met. If Heaney had 1% of his skills we wouldn't be in the mess were are in now. Bow your heads in shame Mr Heaney and Mr Webb.

  2. All the very best to all Truro City fans in their sterling efforts to keep THEIR club alive and kicking #SaveTruroCityFC
    Good Luck
    Clarets Observer

  3. Nice to see teams and clubs working together instead of fighting.