17 September 2012

Jake Ash fears City could fold in two weeks

Source: BBC Sport LINK

Truro City captain Jake Ash says the club could fold in the next two weeks.

His comments come after the side lost 1-0 at home to Bromley in the Blue Square Bet South after Pierre Joseph-Dubois headed a 39th minute winner.

Truro, who are in administration, agreed a wage deferral with their players until the end of October, but Ash says that deal means little in reality.

"That October date is too far away, realistically something has to be tied up by the end of September," Ash said.

"Although we've signed until the end of October we actually asked to do it on a monthly basis," Ash added to BBC Radio Cornwall.

"We actually asked just to take us up to end the end of September. They said there would be much administrative work to re-do the same deferral again in two or three weeks time if we wanted to sign it.

"That deferral doesn't hold us to anything, players can leave the club before the end of October, we're not held to that, it was signed until October to save the administrators a little bit of work.

"If it is tied up that quickly then we can start to make plans to go forward, but I don't think realistically we can last until the end of October."

And Ash says if nothing is agreed it is likely that most of the playing staff will leave by the end of the month.
"Lee (manager Lee Hodges) has asked us to to give us four more games and that takes us to the end of the month and we need something to happen before then.

"It doesn't have to be resolved fully, but even if someone gives us a chunk of money to tide the club over for another month then at least that gives the club a chance to tie all the loose ends up."

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