17 September 2012

A big thank you from Jake, TCFC staff and the players

Hello and thank you...

The second part of the above, we are not really sure how to adequately put into words. Some of the gestures, words and actions over the past week have been so overwhelming it is difficult to quantify how to properly say thank you.

To all the fans that gave so generously on Saturday, THANK YOU (does capitals help emphasise the strength of feeling!?). Money for everyone at the moment is not an easy commodity to come by, so for so many people to dig so deep, was incredible. I know all the staff and players felt wholly inadequate in our inability to shake the hand of every person who put money into those buckets. All I will say is, there were some stunned faces when we heard how the collection was going, and if we could have personally thanked everyone, we would have. Needless to say, those that donated money - and you know who you are - thank you from us all. I spoke to lots of fans who wanted no public recognition of what they were doing, and while I won't name names, it won't ever be forgotten.

I will endeavour to get an accurate figure from Saturday's bucket collection but I understand it was somewhere circa £1,250 by 5.30pm. That is seriously generous, especially as we understand that there is even more pledged, as well as the auction to come. Moreover, the PayPal figure currently stands at £370 pounds as well. We really hope these people don't mind being named but we want to publically name and proclaim: Ivor Marshall; Victor Fowl; Colin Skelly; Matt Burt & Wendy Jones. Thank you so much guys; it genuinely does all make a real difference.

The general response has been such that we haven’t had the chance to reply to all the various e-mail’s, texts and phone calls. But that shouldn’t disguise the effect they have had and the level of support from so many different clubs, businesses and individuals. So, thank you again to everyone who has been in touch.

As to the long term situation – everything appears to be moving a bit too slowly. We all hope that this deferral isn’t slowing the process down. As players we have signed the forms which legally carry through to Oct 31st. Realistically, this date is a bit misleading as we are very much operating on a monthly basis. As we stressed, we understand this isn’t something that is going to resolve overnight, but we simply can’t allow it to drag on. The next two weeks are massive for the club and we need some seriously positive news, and we need it as quickly as possible.

Frustratingly, it appears that the Football Conference are still unwilling to release a very large sum of money that is owed to the club, as has been reported in the press. We are led to believe that this money could keep the club running for, at the very least, one month. It seems confusing that the Conference are, presumably, desperate for us to fulfil fixtures and remain trading, but by holding back that money threatening the clubs very existence. Presumably this sort of central funding is focussed on providing clubs with a lifeblood and to support the day to day running? Surely by giving this money to the club it gives it a means to operate and thus make a takeover a more viable proposition? I guess they want that resolution anyway? (these are very much my musings and not the clubs view, I should add...)

We hope that this issue, and the takeover process, begin to show more signs of progress so that all the amazing generosity isn’t in vain.

Rather than bore everyone with even more babble, I will post a separate thread regards a Race Night we are going to hold next Saturday after the game.

Finally, thank you again all so, so much. I know many of the staff and players have never gone away from a defeat feeling as positive as we did on Saturday. The boys put in another brave show and didn’t come up far short again. Next week’s game is another big one, and a crowd equal to or better than Saturday’s would be great. There was a real buzz about Treyew and a tangible sense of communal support and mobility of a cause that people truly care about. I’m sure the FA Cup game will be more of the same.

See you there!

From all the TCFC Staff & Players

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