02 September 2012

TISA Statement on Administration

TISA like all supporters of Truro City express our concern at recent events at TCFC not least those of the last few days as we hear the club are apparently seeking to enter Administration. TISA, being an independent organisation largely distances itself from the official machinery of the football club except where that impacts on our mission ‘Support of the Team and Support of Ourselves’. Clearly with the team that we support now facing a 10 point deduction, this is something we have a view on that we would like to make clear as follows.

TISA believes that no fans would normally welcome a situation whereby the team it supports enters Administration but we have heard directly from the players that this is a necessary action and one that will ultimately secure the future of the football club with the funding that is so clearly necessary. TISA has never waivered in our support of the playing staff and we continue to pledge that support but urge caution to all those that are now proclaiming Administration as the road to safety. Once in Administration the future of the club's existence or ownership is firmly in the hands of the appointed Administrator and whilst those with the best of intentions are favouring one particular group there can be no certainty over how the Administrator assesses bids for the club and to who he awards preferred bidder status. We only need look up the road to Plymouth Argyle to see how bizarrely the process can unfold.

Throughout the last few weeks during the close season whilst groups of supporters, officials and investors lurched from one position to another firstly in support of the club Chairman, then in opposition, firstly volunteering their resources to help the club and then withdrawing them, TISA has been a constant, turning out to every match including pre season fixtures and serving our members by organising travel arrangements. We continue to pledge our support to the manager and players and like others are hopeful of a solution which sees the continuation of Truro City at the highest playing level and with security of tenure of a suitable stadium in Truro but we cannot and will not blindly pledge our support to investment groups in the absence of either firm confirmation of who they are or what their business plan is for the future of a Truro City ‘Football Team’ with the fans being very much part of that team.

TISA Committee – 01/09/2012

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