12 September 2012

Response from Jake Ash


What a humbling response from everyone. Really has justified the decision and I have spoken to some of the lads this morning and the feedback has really bouyed the group.

We have already had some staggering offers of assistance - from venues for fundraising events, cash donations and even the promise to supply lucozades for Saturday's game from a certain previous Secretary and his wife.

We now have the PayPal account setup so anyone wanting to donate financially can do so that way. Registration with PayPal is very easy - once you have done that you just click 'Send money'. The recipient address is: paypal.account@walshtaylor.co.uk

As players and staff we have access to this account and as a group choose how this money is distributed. If anyone wanting to contribute has a specific desire for it to go to anything in particular let us know. But as a general rule it will merely be distributed via Walsh Taylor and deducted from monthly wage monies outstanding.

I will post updates on where we are before the end of the week.

I suspect Lee will update via City Alerts as to individual decisions, and who has/hasn't signed over the next couple of days.

Once again, and I really mean this, thank you. Truly humbled.


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