30 March 2017

TISA Committee, Constitution and Rules

TISA Committee

Chairman-                 JP Creba
Vice Chair/Secretary-    Simon Birch         
Treasurer-                 Dave Rowarth
Social Secretary -     Thomas Birch
Travel Secretary-      Vacancy
General Member -    Colin Carter
General Member-     Paul Condon
Honorary President- Brian Thompson

Truro Independent Supporters Association (TISA) - Constitution
(Mission Statement – “Support of the Team, Support of Ourselves”)
 The association shall be called Truro Independent Supporters Association, hereinafter referred to as TISA.

 2.1 – To enable supporters of Truro City FC to have an independent voice on all things relating to TCFC.
 2.2 - To provide members with affordable travel to TCFC away fixtures.
 2.3 - 2.4 - To organise social events for the benefit of TISA members.
 2.5 - To raise funds for Cornish and National Charities.

 3.1 - Membership of TISA is gained when the membership policy (Appendix A) has been successfully followed.
 3.2 - All TISA members are entitled to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
 3.3 - All TISA members are entitled to stand for election to serve on the TISA committee, providing they give a notice period (as determined by the TISA Secretary) ahead of the AGM of their intention to stand. Notice of intention to stand should be made to the Secretary in writing, by post, via e-mail or Text (SMS) message.
3.4 - Any TISA or TISA branch  member whose conduct is considered detrimental to TISA or its reputation, or who conducts themselves in a manner considered unacceptable by the majority of the committee, may have their membership terminated or suspended if voted by the majority of the committee. In the event of an equal vote, the chairman shall have the casting vote.

 4.1 - The TISA committee shall be made up of no less than four and no more than Ten TISA members.
 4.2 - On an annual basis, and at the AGM, either four or one half (whichever is the lower) of the committee seats will, as a minimum, become available for re-election.
4.3 - Candidates for the role of TISA chairman must be TISA committee members, with a minimum of twelve months' continuous service, a satisfactory attendance record, and not subject to any TISA restrictions.
 4.4 - The chairman will be elected by the full membership at the AGM.
4.5 - In the event of a tied vote involving the previous year's chairman, the previous year’s chairman will prevail and serve for the next year.
 4.6 - Where more than one candidate contests the role of chairman, with none having served in that role before, and a tied vote occurs, then the chairmanship for the coming year will be decided by the casting vote of the outgoing chairman, should they still hold a position. Should this not be the case, the casting vote will be made by one of the other existing honorary officers, in order of precedence: vice chairman, secretary, treasurer. Should the election still be unresolved, the chairman will be elected by the drawing of lots.
 4.7 - The committee will also elect a vice chairman, secretary and treasurer using the same voting procedure as that for chairman but without the 12 month serving restriction.
 4.8 - Any serving committee member whose conduct is considered detrimental to the TISA or its reputation, or who conducts themselves in a manner considered unacceptable by the majority of the committee, may be forced to relinquish their position if voted by the majority of the committee. In the event of an equal vote, the chairman shall have the casting vote.
 4.9 - Should committee members be unable to attend any meeting, they must give their apologies in advance to the secretary. In the event of a committee member failing to attend two out of three consecutive committee meetings, without satisfactory reason, the committee will consider removing the committee member from the committee.
 4.10 - If the post of any committee member should fall vacant during a term, the committee shall have the power to fill the vacancy, subject to a majority vote, until the next AGM.
 4.9 - The TISA committee will meet at least twice during the year and the meetings will be minuted by the secretary, or other committee member.
 4.10 - Each meeting of the TISA committee must be attended by a quorum of in excess of 50% of the committee members.

 The TISA committee will
 5.1 - Provide support, advice and represent alongside, if requested, any member involved in disciplinary procedures instigated by TCFC.
 5.2 - Make all best efforts, using all available media, to collect the views of the majority of the membership.
 5.3 - Represent the interests of the membership in all aspects of attending games, both at home and away.
5.4 - Organise events to encourage the positive social aspects of TISA membership.

6.1 – Any branch of TISA must be formulated and conducted in accordance with the “Conditions of Branch Association” (Appendix B).

 7.1 - At least 21 days’ notice shall be given of the TISA AGM, which will be held in July each year.
 7.2 - The AGM will receive from the Treasurer the annual report and accounts.
 7.3 - An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be called upon the request of 25% of the members.  Notice of the intention to hold an EGM and the reason should be served on the secretary in writing or by email.  The EGM must be held no later than 21 days following receipt of this notice.
 7.4 - The chairman of the committee shall hold both a deliberative and a casting vote at any TISA meeting.
 7.5 - Any change to the TISA constitution shall require a two thirds majority acceptance vote of those members present at the vote.
 7.6 - Any proposal to change the constitution must be submitted in writing to the secretary within seven days of the announcement of the AGM. The secretary must then publicise the proposal(s) in the remaining fourteen day period, allowing these to be submitted for discussion and vote at the AGM.

 The TISA is a non-profit making organisation. No profit or surplus will be distributed other than to another non- profit making body on a winding-up or dissolution of the TISA.

Appendix A -                  TISA and Branch Membership Policy

1.    TISA and all its branches shall share the same membership form, policy and process.   All new applicants and members who wish to renew but have not previously submitted the approved TISA membership application form, will be required to complete a form and submit it for consideration of the main TISA committee.  NON-Cornwall based applicants will be given the option (not mandatory) to select membership of the appropriate branch by ticking the relevant box.

2.    All renewing members (who have previously had application forms approved by TISA main Committee) shall pay the agreed membership fee with 30 days of the date of the last AGM or they will be required to submit a fresh application which will require approval of the main TISA Committee.

3.    The main TISA Committee shall consider each application which must be approved by a simple majority of Committee members.  If the successful applicant has selected the option to join a branch then that branch will be given the approved membership form and will be responsible for collecting the membership subscription from their new member for their branch funds.

4.    Applicants who are refused shall have right of appeal in writing to the committee who shall consider the appeal and make a final decision.

5.    Any individual who has not complied with the above process cannot be considered as a member of TISA or any of its branches.

Appendix B -                  Conditions of Branch Association

Any existing branch or proposed new branch of TISA shall be required to:

1.    Submit their proposals for formation of new branch to the main TISA Committee who will, if approved, make a proposal to the next AGM to accept the new branches formation.

2.    Agree to accept the TISA membership policy and follow the agreed membership process.

3.    Hold elections within Three months of the date of the last AGM, to a branch sub-committee. The minutes of this meeting, or a report on the election process must be submitted to the main TISA Committee immediately on completion.

4.    Agree to be autonomous only in such matters that impact only on members of that branch.  All other matters must be referred to the main TISA Committee.

5.    Not reproduce in any form or media, the TISA crest, in part or full image without the express permission of the main TISA Secretary.

6.    Comply with all decisions of the main TISA Committee or proposals as agreed at a full general meeting of TISA members.

7.    Provide to the main TISA Committee on request and to the AGM a detailed report on the financial accounts of the branch.

8.    Branch Chairman to become member of the main TISA Committee and attend meetings as scheduled or nominate a branch delegate with delegated authority.

9.    Comply with all relevant legislation.  Particular attention should be paid to the Equalities Act 2010, the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988

Note:  Any branch deemed by the main TISA Committee to be in breach of any of the above conditions of association may (on the decision of that Committee) be disassociated from TISA and in such circumstances all of the members of that branch would automatically transfer to TISA main group.  In the event that this action is taken, a full Committee report shall be made to a full meeting of general members.

Appendix C -                  TISA Members Code of Conduct

The following code of conduct applies to all members of TISA and its branches and is a condition of membership.

TISA recognises that its members are passionate about Truro City Football Club and wish to be vociferous in demonstrating that support with singing and chanting in such a way that it promotes and provides a positive atmospheric environment for other fans and players of the club.  TISA firmly believes that demonstrating support in this way is welcomed by and beneficial to the Truro City players and contributes towards a positive result on the pitch.

TISA recognises it must not negate other supporter’s enjoyment of the game and therefore the following are rules of membership:

TISA Members Shall Not:

•     Use racist, homophobic or religiously offensive language;

•     Display any racist or otherwise obscene emblems or banners;

•     Threateningly use foul, abusive or insulting language or gestures;

•     Throw missiles;

•     Enter the pitch area without permission of the appropriate authorities;

•     Behave in a manner likely to jeopardise the safety and enjoyment of others;

TISA Members Should:

•     Follow directions and instructions given by stewards and club officials;

•     Report breaches of our code to the TISA Secretary or other TISA committee member;

•     Report breaches of our code which by their nature present a danger to others, immediately to a steward or club official;

•     Support Truro City Football Team loudly and proudly and in a manner that offends no-one!

Note:  TISA recognises the right of TCFC to have in place its own enforceable ‘Ground Regulations’ and whilst breach of such regulations may also result in a breach of this code and (visa versa), this shall not be presumed.

General Rule of Membership:

That members should:
•     Act in a manner which does not conflict with the treasured independent status of TISA
•     Contribute to the TISA mission – ‘Support of the Team, Support of Ourselves’
•     Contribute, financially and by participation in fundraising events for TISA and its nominated charities currently Cornwall Hospice Care

Procedure to be followed on Report of any Breach:

Properly reported breaches of our code shall be investigated and considered by a full meeting of the TISA committee or sub-committee as appropriate. 

The member concerned shall be permitted to make their own statement either in writing and/or in person to the committee.

The Committee may require the member concerned to attend a meeting in person to answer questions pertaining to the alleged offence.

Should no submission be made either in writing or in person by the member concerned then the Committee reserves the right to determine the outcome of the case in such absence.

The decision of the Committee is final subject to an appeals procedure (to be agreed)

In circumstances where an offence is considered by the committee to be proved and where no appeal has been made and upheld, one or more of the following sanctions may be applied to the offending member:

•     Suspension or withdrawal of TISA membership (no refund of membership fees)

•     Stood down as Committee member until next AGM (If the offender is a Committee member)

•     Ban from any TISA organised travel to away games

•     Recommendation to TCFC that member be banned from attending future matches

•     Notification to Police or other authorities (serious breach of code)

Truro City 4 Whitehawk 2

After four consecutive defeats Truro City earned a much needed and well deserved victory over fellow relegation rivals Whitehawk.

Both teams had lost their most recent games against Poole Town and Hampton & Richmond respectively so this was a game they needed to win.
Whitehawk started the game with great intensity and could have been 1-0 up in five minutes. Truro’s goalkeeper Tom McHale prevented several shots from going over the line. As the half continued, Truro became more comfortable in their home environment. The White Tigers broke the deadlock in the 27th minute through Andrew Neal. Truro’s celebrations ended just a minute later when Ben Gerring put the ball past his own keeper to gift Whitehawk an equaliser.
Both sides were fiercely competitive as half-time approached. Tyler Harvey produced a great finish to ensure that Truro were 2-1 up at the break.
Whitehawk made a substitution at half-time as Ibrahim Akanbi came on for Christian Scales. The White Tigers started the second half as well as they ended the first. Six minutes after the restart, Neal got his second goal of the game and 15th of the season. Stewart Yetton’s effort was denied by Whitehawk goalkeeper Lucas Covolan but Neal pounced on the resulting loose ball to make it 3-1.
Cody Cooke fired home from a River Allen corner in the 66th minute. Truro were 4-1 up and Whitehawk were unable to withstand the constant pressure from the home side. Whitehawk made their second substitution of the game as Joshua Passley was replaced by Spencer Forte.
There was 15 minutes left to play and Whitehawk were forced to make their final substitution as Ramon Aldavert went off with an injury. He was replaced by Christopher M’Boungou.
Neal did not get the chance to complete his hat-trick as he was substituted for Niall Thompson. He was deservedly awarded Man of the Match for a determined and professional performance in addition to bagging a brace. Truro made their second change as Ryan Brett came on for Cody Cooke.
Daniel Mills scored a consolation goal for Whitehawk in stoppage time. It was his 100th goal for The Hawks but unfortunately the game ended in defeat for his side.
Truro City won the match 4-2 which will give them confidence as they continue to battle against the drop. Lee Hodges’ side fought hard for the victory and were worthy winners. The White Tigers are now five points clear of the relegation zone but a trip to bottom club Margate next Saturday means they cannot afford to rest on their laurels.
Despite being at Falmouth University for a year and a half, I have never been to see Truro City or watched non league football before. After Truro’s match against Whitehawk and the brilliant atmosphere that accompanied it, I will definitely come back again.

23 March 2017

Poole Town 2 Truro City 0

When Poole Town finished the first half 2-0 up, a few of their fans might have casted their minds back three days and quickly hoped history wouldn’t repeat itself.
In a way, it did. Truro have never scored at the Black Gold Stadium, let alone win, and the Cornish outfit hadn’t won on the road in eight games.
But it was a Poole collapse that worried Dolphins fans, rather than their opponents’ contribution to the game.
It never really threatened to exist, a Truro goal, and there were three proper chances in the game as a whole, and all three belonged to Poole. 
Jamie Whisken hits the crossbar with a first half header - Photo by: Andy Orman
Skipper Jamie Whisken was leading from the front when he smacked the crossbar with a header, and that was the first proper chance of relatively dull affair. 
Luke Burbidge stuck the post from inside the box, but in all truths, it was a half-chance that almost crept in via a smart strike.
The statement that Poole had better chances doesn’t truly reflect on the game as a whole. Neither side dominated, nor could create numerous opportunities. Luke Roberts was a threat down the left flank throughout, but his direct runs rarely yielded a return.
Due to the dominance of Roberts on the left, most around the ground expected he’d produce the opener but few would have been surprised that it came from the opposite side of the pitch. Burbidge eventually got the chance to stretch his legs, turning his marker, Ryan Brett, inside out in the process.
He’d then flung a low cross towards the centre of the six-yard box, where Roberts showed his quality as a poacher to turn the ball home and give Poole a slightly deserved lead. 
It was only slight, due to the fact neither side spent much time in possession, and as such, a second goal from the Dolphins seemed a long way off.
It would come via a fairly unimaginative manner, not that Poole will be too bothered. Steve Devlin delivered a pin-point cross onto the head of Marvin Brooks, who made it 7 from 8 to double the hosts’ advantage.
After the break, the game became even more stagnant, as Poole were content to deal with the weak barrage of long balls. A few opportunities on the counter arose, but nothing of particular note. 
As the game faded away, so did the players’ energy levels and whilst this sometimes leads to punishable mistakes, there was no drama as Poole saw out another win.

20 March 2017

Dartford 5-3 Truro City

It was an EIGHT goal thriller at Princes Park as Dartford earned just their second win in the last 6 games to maintain their push towards the National South playoff places.
In between the goals, the play was quite scrappy as the wind played a part, and both sides looked to hit long balls, but the goals were worth the wait.
Truro hit the front after 13 minutes through Andrew Neal’s header, but a diving header from Andy Pugh levelled on the half hour, and a thunderous volley from Elliot Bradbrook gave the Darts a 41st minute lead.  Neal ghosted in for another header to level matters after 65, but the Darts hit the front again 90 seconds later through Luke Wanadio’s 9th of the season.
Jamie Richards looked as though he might have rescued a point for the Cornish visitors with 12 minutes left, but a mix-up in the Truro defence allowed Pugh to give the home side the lead in the 86th minute; a lead extended to confirm the win by Tom Murphy in stoppage time.
From the start, playing into the teeth of a strong wind, the Cornish visitors were on the front foot.  A ball over the Dartford back line almost released Cody Cooke, but ran safely through to Deren Ibrahim.  But Truro benefitted from the conditions as Dan Smith’s cross from the right was misjudged in the conditions by Ibrahim, and Andrew Neal drifted in behind the flailing keeper to head into the net off the body of the covering Keaton Wood after 13 minutes.
A couple of minutes later, it should have been two for Truro, when Ollie Knowles’ freekick from the left found Jamie Richards unmarked, but his glancing header flew past the right hand post.
Dartford were getting half-chances from set pieces; Luke Wanadio screwed a shot across goal, and good defending from Richards denied Andy Pugh a sight of the Truro goal, but the home side were gradually creeping back into the game.
The equaliser came on the half hour as a long clearance down the right wing gave Duane Ofori-Acheampong the opportunity to pressurise Richards. Ofori-Acheampong stole the ball, skipped away from the defender’s challenge, and played an inch perfect cross into the middle where Pugh met the cross with a diving header for his ninth League goal of the season, giving Martyn Rice in the Truro goal no chance.
The Truro bench were unhappy with the way Ben Gerring was being managed by the referee after an injury, but this was just distracting them at the moment Dartford took the lead in the 41st minute.  Luke Wanadio won a throw on the left and swung a cross into the box that was headed clear by Richards.  The dropping ball was controlled on his chest by Elliot Bradbrook, who hit a screaming 25-yard volley with his left foot into the right corner for his 8th League goal.
In stoppage time, the visitors had another clear sight of Ibrahim’s goal  This time though, from Tyler Harvey’s cross, the ball struck the heels of Neal when the striker had the goal at his mercy, and the ball rebounded away out of the box.
Once again, Dartford were slow to get into the second half, but were working hard to limit Truro’s chances.  Cooke, Richards and Ben Gerring all had headers that drifted wide, and Ryan Brett had a shot deflected wide, but Dartford were making the game very scrappy.
The pressure eventually told with an almost carbon copy header for Andrew Neal after 65 minutes.  Knowles swung a freekick in from the right side that drifted over the bodies in the middle, but Neal had ghosted round the back, unmarked, to head past Ibrahim.
Less than 90 seconds later, and Dartford hit the front once more.  Ofori-Acheampong did well to hold up the ball on the edge of the area and squared a pass to Wanadio.  The winger skipped past Gerring’s challenge and as Rice dived to his left, lashed a shot past the keeper’s left hand side.
Alex Brown curled a shot over, having knocked Tom Wynter over in his desperation to get to the ball, but Truro levelled matters again with 12 minutes left.  A long throw by Alex Hartridge was flicked on by Gerring into the path of Neal, searching for a hatrick, but this time Ibrahim was able to claw Neal’s header away from the top right corner.  From the resulting corner, the cross fell towards the centre of the box, where Richards hit a volley with the outside of his right foot as he was falling backwards and the shot arrowed into the same top right corner; this time Ibrahim couldn’t get across.  There was some doubt whether the goal had been awarded initially with two players grounded on the goal-line, but the referee eventually pointed towards the centre.
Both benches threw on fresh legs searching for the win, and it was Dartford who found the breakthrough.  With the Truro defence appealing for an offside decision, Ofori-Acheampong chased what appeared to be a lost cause to the deadball line, and crossed into the middle.  A mixup between keeper Rice and skipper Richards saw the ball drop out to Pugh, who swivelled and fired through the bodies to make it 4-3.
The scoring wasn’t over though as Bradbrook swept a 50-yard crossfield ball over the top of fullback Smith to release Tom Murphy, one of the substitutes, and Murphy clamly slipped the ball through the advancing Rice’s legs to make it five for the Darts with virtually the last kick of the game.
DARTFORD: Deren Ibrahim, Keaton Wood, Tom Wynter, Tom Bonner, Ronnie Vint, Alex Brown (Lee Noble 83), Ryan Hayes (Tom Murphy 90), Elliot Bradbrook, Duane Ofori-Acheampong, Andy Pugh, Luke Wanadio (Alfie Pavey 83).
Subs not used: Temi Eweka, Tony Coxall.
Goals: Andy Pugh 30 & 86, Elliot Bradbrook 41, Luke Wanadio 67, Tom Murphy 90+3.
TRURO CITY: Martyn Rice, Dan Smith, Jamie Richards, Alex Hartridge, Cody Cooke (Ben Adelsbury 83), Ben Gerring (Arran Pugh 78), Ryan Brett, Tyler Harvey (Niall Thompson 83), Stewart Yetton, Ollie Knowles, Andrew Neal.
Subs not used: River Allen, Les Afful.
Goals: Andrew Neal 13 & 65, Jamie Richards 78
Cautions: Ben Gerring 72
Attendance: 936
Referee: Mr Josh Smith
Assistants: Mr Ashley List and Mr Christopher Reeson

12 March 2017

Truro City 1 – 2 Wealdstone

Wealdstone’s remarkable resurgence continued in the Cornish mist at Treyew Road on Saturday with another highly resolute performance and victory on the road.Stones have now gained maximum points from their last 6 National League South matches and are unbeaten in eight; five of the wins have been away from home and they now sit in 8th spot in the league and are currently 7 points from the play-offs.Similar to previous performances this was not a ‘pretty’ win but was all the more commendable with Stones having to field a patched up side with key defender Eddie Oshodi missing through suspension and other players still unavailable through injury. But a will to dig in, combined with fine teamwork all over the park ensured that Wealdstone came through with goals from the ever-improving Joe White and Tom Hamblin who netted the winner 9 minutes from the final whistle.Stones made a slow start to the contest with City pressing and gaining two early corners. But on 12 minutes Stones carved out a decent chance when the lively Aryan Tajbakhsh blazed a powerful strike just over the bar.It wasn’t long before Stewart Yetton went close for the home side with City having the attacking edge.Then an incident that sparked a change in the fortunes in the game.  On 27 minutes Wes Parker dramatically headed a goal bound strike off the line but within a minute Stones had gone ahead. Good work from a clearance up field that was worked into midfield by Tajbakhsh and Ricky Wellard eventually found Joe White who kept his head brilliantly, found space and fired the ball into the far corner beating Keeper Martin Rice.Stones had further chances to add to their lead before half time from Green and Parker but the away side were undone by an unfortunate defensive error a minute before the break that was completely against the run of play. From a City attack the ball wasn’t dealt with fully and when the ball came back into the danger area Ciaron Brown’s attempted clearance caught a bobble leaving space for Jamie Richards to rifle past Jonathan North.

Stones were on the back foot for much of the early period of the second period and they struggled to get going with Elliott Godfrey now substituted for Johnny Wright. North was being called into action and clawed away a good chance for the White Tigers.This was the most frustrating period of the contest for Stones with attacks breaking down as City continually launched high balls to test the defence. Tyler Harvey for the home side went close but Wealdstone finally started to get a grip on the play late on.Substitute Omar Koroma came on for young Joe White and this sparked some fresh attacking urgency from the away side. Koroma crashed a header against the cross bar from a corner and then Stones struck with 9 minutes left on the clock.

Another corner was fired in and Tom Hamblin got down at the far post to bundle the ball in to huge celebrations from the players and 100 fans who had made the long 260 mile trip to Truro

Stones will face their toughest test by far next Saturday (18th March) when they entertain play off side Chelmsford City at The Vale.Wealdstone: North, Parker, Brown, Mavilla, Hamblin, Godfrey, Green, Cox, White, Wellard, Tajbakhsh. Subs used: Wright, Koroma, McGleish. Not used: Lafleur, Bonfield (GK)

By Nick DuGard


08 March 2017

Eastbourne Borough 2 Truro City 0

In fact the two-goal margin scarcely reflected an afternoon of almost total dominance by the Sports, and after early goals from Bouwe Bosma and Elliott Romain, they might easily have doubled or tripled that scoreline. But boss Tommy Widdrington was far from displeased."We certainly could and should have scored more goals, but the two more important factors are that we claimed another three useful league points, and we turned in an all-round display that I'm sure will have entertained the supporters. I was delighted with our quality on the ball. It was an all-action game, especially in the first half, and it isn't just about goal-scorers. There were impressive performances throughout the team, from back to front."
The manager had plenty to be pleased about, not least his commanding young pair of centre-backs, Kiran Khinda-John and Bournemouth loanee Shaun Hobson, who played beyond their years and snuffed out any Truro hopes of sneaking back into the game. Mark Hughes and Bouwe Bosma bossed the central midfield, and a strong bench came in very useful as the match progressed.
Wide players Miguel Baptista and Christian Oxlade-Chamberlain were irrepressible, Josh Hare returned from injury with a strong full-back performance, and keeper Lewis Carey, looking sound and confident in his first full ninety minutes since December, was rarely troubled by Truro.
To keep the Cornish flag flying at this level means hundreds of miles on the road for every away fixture, but Truro are admirably uncrushable. Two dozen or more City fans, as well as their club officials, had made the long trek to East Sussex and even in defeat, their anthems were still ringing around the Lane several minutes after the final whistle.
On the field, the White Tigers were certainly not toothless. Tall and physical in several positions and full of running up front, they mustered a decent challenge and kept the match just about alive until the very end. Truro mustered a couple of tactical challenges, too, with the experienced Stewart Yetton playing as a false 9 behind eager strikers Tyler Harvey and Niall Thompson - the latter running his socks off all afternoon.
But the Sports were dominant, and at times rampant, and they had created three chances even in the first five minutes - a Craig Stone cross well caught by keeper Rice, a rising shot from Oxlade-Chamberlain, and a pair of corners scrambled clear.
Truro briefly responded with a free-kick cleared for a corner, but otherwise they were chasing shadows as Borough's swift and endlessly creative passing movements flooded forward. And when Austen Booth fouled the Ox on 11 minutes, Baptista's fizzing free-kick from wide left was met with a perfect Bosma glancing header for 1-0. The big strong Dutchman also does delicate...
City won themselves a couple of free-kicks which came to naught, and Hobson and Khinda-John each produced immaculate interceptions to thwart breakaways, but otherwise it was just a tidal wave of Sports attacks.
On 27 minutes Romain's searing run and shot drew an excellent low save from Rice at the right post, but from Baptista's corner Romain rose perfectly to head into the far corner and double the lead with the Cornish pirates all at sea.
And the twenty minutes to half-time produced no fewer than five golden chances to extend the lead. Oxlade-Chamberlain beat three men with a dazzling run but Rice saved bravely on the angle, and then the Portsmouth youngster - revelling in his left-sided attacking role - ran on to a sublime Nat Pinney pass and looked to ghost past Rice, but the keeper smothered the ball at his feet.
Then with a turn of genius Baptista set Pinney away through the right channel and the big striker turned inside but skied his shot to the heavens with the goal at his mercy. Within a couple of minutes Pinney then created his own chance with bewildering close control, and this time he hit the target but Rice beat the shot away.
And right on the half-time whistle, Baptista left two defenders sprawling, cut in from the right and hammered his shot too high with a lot of goal to shoot at. On another day, and without the two-goal cushion, the Priory Lane half-time cuppa might have been laced with frustration - but the thrills and spills had been almost as good as goals, and the Sports regulars were loving it.
Had those goals gone in, then Truro might as well have climbed aboard the coach and headed west, but - in theory at least - their flag was still fluttering. And on 49 minutes came a moment which might just have changed the game. Borough were caught back-pedalling as River Allen's killer low cross came in from the right, but Harvey was correctly flagged offside as he buried the ball at the back post.
After that, normal service was resumed. Romain was getting quite a rough ride from the Truro defence, skipper Aaran Pugh collecting a yellow for clattering right through him, but Baptista's resulting free-kick was cleanly saved. Then Miguel earned another dead-ball chance for a City handball right on the edge of the box, but his chip was too long.
Midway through the half the home fans raised a huge cheer to welcome back Gavin McCallum - his first appearance since breaking an elbow before Christmas - and Gavin's gifted left foot brought an extra dimension to the Eastbourne forward play. Skipping through defenders as if he'd never been away, he cracked one shot just wide of the left post and then, with gun-sights better adjusted, he saw a second swerving effort well saved.
Off the bench for the Tigers came Dan Smith - the "other half" of the Smith-and-Barnes loan partnership which set the Lane alight in the Conference National under Garry Wilson. Ashley Barnes, of course, now leads the Burnley line in the Premier League, but Smith's more modest contribution did boost the City cause with some intelligent prompting on the right wing.
But it was probably a Barnes that City needed, if they were to turn this game around. Instead, their afternoon ended in deflation, Pugh collecting a second yellow and an early shower after a haymaking challenge on Stone. The match ended as it started, with the Sports pressing forward - the fans understandably eager for a final goal, but their manager - equally understandably - sending out a pragmatic "keep the ball" message. There are still a dozen more matches for scoring goals this season, and Borough are in good shape.
Borough: Carey; Hare, Khinda-John, Hobson, Stone; Baptista, Hughes, Bosma (Worrall 82), Oxlade-Chamberlain (McCallum 66); Pinney (Taylor 78), Romain. Unused subs: Simpemba, Horlock.
Referee: Lloyd Wood Att: 539
Borough MoM: Miguel Baptista - supreme playmaker