30 September 2012

Comments From Chelmsford City's forum

Forever Claret 83 wrote:
Yep, i'm really proud of our club right now. Fingers crossed that Truro pull through.

John Morris wrote:
Amen to that. I'm much too young to have experienced our trials and tribulations, but I was stunned at Truro's spirit in adversity. Good luck to Lee Hodges and the players who stood by him in the crisis; good luck to that astonishing little band of fans who showed what real support is all about. They sang when they went in front, they sang when we got back level, they sang after they were down to ten men -- and no more subs --and I'm sure they would have gone on singing after we got our third goal, if there had been time. Just this once, I'm not bothered by our own perceived strengths and failings. This was the oppositions day, and I'm glad we played our part in it.

Do we need, as Truro fans, say anymore?

Come on whoever is interested in saving OUR club. Please hurry up and save us.

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