18 October 2012

"I blame the banks" - Heaney


FORMER Truro City FC chairman Kevin Heaney this week told the West Briton, from a train station, he was still living in Cornwall, after not being heard from since being declared bankrupt.

Regarding news the club was on the brink of being expelled from the Football Conference he said: "I was absolutely heartbroken and didn't sleep a wink all night."

He insisted difficulty obtaining finance from banks was the cause of the situation. He claimed: "I never failed because of me – I failed because of the banks."

Mr Heaney said the struggle to find a purchaser proved what an exacting task it is to run a football club.

"I hope Truro City does survive but we are in very difficult times. I hope a buyer comes forward because it can still be a fantastic club with the right investment."


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