18 October 2012

City Alerts - Lee's view

From Lee Hodges today: 

"Delighted to report that we had a good training session on Tuesday evening and that no more players have left the club since the events of last week.  We are all greatly encouraged by the news that there is a 'preferred bidder' working with the administrators and we are now all keeping our fingers crossed that there will be further encouraging news after tonight's 5 pm deadline from the Conference League.

"I had a good chat with all the boys during and after Tuesday's training session and to a man the mood was that they wanted to stay with the club if they get the chance and always provided of course that a new owner has absolutely no connection with the previous regime.

"The players have demonstrated amazing loyalty in the face of so much uncertainty, such a long time without being paid, and with so many tempting offers coming in from other clubs.  And the support from all the fans, from near and far, and from other clubs in the League has been absolutely phenomenal, and we will all be eternally grateful for that.

"Everyone is hoping and praying that we can make a fresh start now and get the club back on track.  The training session was a really good one, and nobody wants to see Truro City fold or to leave the club if at all possible.  But I'm bound to say that it was also made very clear - as I'm sure is well known anyway - that if it emerges that a prospective new owner has any connection whatsoever with the old regime, then we will all be walking and seeking a fresh start elsewhere."

Mike Truscott, Editor, City Alerts

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