12 October 2012

"Truro City given one more week" - Football Conference

Source:  Football Conference  LINK
The Administrator of Truro City Football Club confirmed last evening it had not been possible to meet the Football Conference’s requirements by the stated deadline of 5pm on Thursday, 11th October, enabling the club’s match against Dover Athletic to proceed on Saturday and for the club’s continued participation in the competition to be confirmed.
To avoid the visiting club from incurring any unnecessary expense, and consuming much time, Saturday’s fixture was postponed at 6.30pm on Thursday, well before Dover Athletic was due to commence its journey earlier today.
In respect of Truro City FC’s membership of the competition, the Board has received encouraging information from the Administrator about a potential buyer of the club.
This opportunity did not come to light until Wednesday evening so it was not possible for the Administrator to complete a purchase before close of business on Thursday.
At an emergency Board meeting held on Friday afternoon the Directors expressed their hope for this latest development and granted the club, through the Administrator, seven further days, until 5pm on Thursday, 18th October, to meet its requirements and complete a sale.
If the club fails to meet this deadline, the Board will be obliged to consider the club’s further participation in the competition.

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