29 October 2012

Staff & Players Update - 29/10/2012 - by Jake Ash

Hopefully, we won’t be needing to post on here too often from now on guys, as for the first time in a long time things seem to be moving forward in a positive manner and we can begin to concentrate on the football again. But we all felt it was worth updating everyone as to where we are as a group, and to publicly put our support behind Mr Masters and Mr Perryman in their bid to purchase the football club.

Everyone at the ground would have felt the buzz around the place on Saturday. As many of the regulars no doubt did, we couldn’t believe how much work had been put in to making the place a bit tidier. I know they won’t appreciate me for saying this, but this was due not only to the incredible generosity of people giving their time but also to Messer’s Masters & Perryman for putting their hands in their pockets, again, to make it a better experience for EVERYONE coming to Treyew Road. Anyone around the City will have noticed the A2B taxi’s carrying the TCFC name, and the adverts in the paper calling for fans to come along – simple marketing that has for so long been ignored. Therefore, I think everyone felt positive about the future before the game, and following our meeting with the prospective new owners, we feel this to be even more so the case.

We have made it very clear to the administrators that we fully support Mr Masters & Mr Perryman’s bid to take over the club. They have outlined to us their passion, their ideas and their desire to make this club a really positive part of the community. They have told us their commitment in trying to keep this squad together and their intent to inherit our contracts and fulfil them and also a desire to remunerate, to some degree, previously unpaid wages. But perhaps most importantly, we felt as a group they have the best intentions for this football club, and that they have highlighted ‘stability’ is key to the future. This is something we, and everyone else associated with the club over the recent past, have perhaps not been able to rely on. The gentlemen have made no lurid promises to us; indeed, they seem very lucid in their vision for the club, and how they intend to take it forward in a very open and honest manner. We are sure that, like with all football clubs, there might be some bumps along the road but we feel confident that if Mr Masters & Mr Perryman are allowed to take the club on, that as a collective group – fans, players, staff and with their management – we can overcome them.

What has also been made clear is that they hope to conclude the deal as quickly as possible, and then it is very much all eyes on the pitch, as opposed to off it. This is only my understanding, but we are led to believe the transfer embargo would be lifted once the CVA is in place. Thus, I suspect should the sale complete then the CVA will be the immediate priority and in turn the embargo lifted. I know everyone, none more so than us, were frustrated about the slightly shambolic situation of not being able to bring on a substitute on Saturday and foregoing our man advantage. I know Lee was really hurting on Saturday, and we both spoke yesterday about how we can stop it from hopefully happening again. His absence from the meeting was merely due to a pre-arranged engagement and I know he too is fully behind Mr Masters & Mr Perryman.

Finally, from all the players and staff, we urge you supporters (and we know you are anyway!) to continue to get behind and support these two gentlemen in everything they do to take this club forward. However frustrating the past two games have been (as so many have been this season!), we have all come off knowing that we have given everything and that we are doing it for a worthwhile cause. The two games may have been fruitless in terms of points, but they are already two more games than we all ever expected to be able to be part of. And for that we have Mr Masters & Mr Perryman to thank. As a group, we all believe there will be many more to come under their stewardship if they purchase the club and hopefully those games will see us picking up some points that everyone’s efforts deserve.

Thanks again for all your support.


All the boys.

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