24 October 2012

The Italian Job - Jacopo Ghirardon

When i booked my holiday in August, i wouldn't have never imagined what's happening to Truro City at the moment, with all the uncertainty, the administration and so on.  Because of this mess, just 20 hours before leaving to Cornwall , I came to know the match I wanted to attend was called off, and the club itself was (is) nearly to liquidation. A huge disappointment for me, as my local team in Italy had the same problems last summer and was forced to fold. 
Then, as you know, I decided to make Truro City , a team that already I used to follow , my new "local" team, as I love Cornwall and its cultural heritage. For me, supporting a team means not only follow the results on the internet, but coming there when I can and especially show my support. Last season I came to Truro for the home match against Tonbridge, and I loved so much the atmosphere on that match that I decided to came to an away match on my own. 
You all know everything about my trip to Dover , and all the "fame" I had after that great trip. But I don't care too much about interviews or popularity, for me it's just a way to show my love and passion for the club, meeting people that have adopt me as part of their family and, why not, having a holiday in places I've never visited before. On Friday, just before leaving (after a short interview on BBC Cornwall), came the news that the Conference gave Truro more time, and the reserves matches was on. That really made my day, at least Truro City was still alive and I would have seen a Truro City team playing, even if I thought it was not the same of the first team. The trip was ok, but too long! After a 2 hours flight from Treviso to Bristol , 
Robin came to the airport and took me in Truro , another trip of 3 hours. They should create a flight from Venice to Newquay, or at least Exeter , just for me! Saturday, anyway, was a day I will never forget. After a nice walk in the city centre, which I had never visited properly before, I had the chance to enter into the ground, visiting the dress rooms and so on. 
It was absolutely great for me, I took some pictures there and I seated on the bench too! After that (I was with Rob, who has done fantastic efforts to made my holiday unforgettable, many thanks to him!), we was waiting for the other lads outside the ground, destination: Porthleven. I’m honest, I’ve never heard before of this place since 2 or 3 months ago when I started following the reserves efforts. Then I looked at some pictures and I saw how beautiful is this place. 
After a short trip via car, we arrived at the famous Gala Parc, where there were already some City’s supporters into the ground. As always, I had a great welcoming, something I always love. I’ve already make some efforts in watching City in the past, but now I was watching a Reserves team, playing in step 7 (something that doesn’t exist in Italy too, as the lowest league is Step 6), against a small local team in a ground with a small covered stand and some benches in the other part of the ground. 
Well, I really enjoy every single minute of the day. From the beers paid by some supporters (good choice, Colin, but I don’t remember the name of that beer!) to a tasty hot pasty just before the game, including the great away following from City’s fan, a great pride shown in one of the most complicated moments of our history! The game was pretty good, with a cracking performance by the Reserves, which were 0-3 up after 30 minutes with two fantastic goal too! The atmosphere at half time in the little but pretty clubhouse were tremendous, and after a pic with the legend-superman and captain Jake Ash, well, it was time for another beer! 
Beer and football, the best way to spend a great Saturday (or Sunday) afternoon. At the end, Porthleven scored a late penalty and the final result was 1-3 for City, a great performance prized with a massive standing ovation by all the supporters, at least 70... one of the most cheered was our manager Lee Hodges, who played for reserves, always a pleasure to have a chat with him, top lad and really top manager. 
A great day, with a promise: we have to meet again, against a London team based, on February/March, when I would like to come back to see the White Tigers (the first team this time!) playing. At the moment of writing, they are still working on a deal, hopefully it can be reached in time. 
Truro City is a fantastic club, supported by top people, with fantastic players and staff. Their efforts to try to help the club in its fight is something I’ve never seen before. Every football lover, not only supporters of Truro, must take a look on that and learn what football is about, not about glory or business, but only about the love of the game, the pride and passion that any single football player should have but moder football, especially in higher leagues, have nearly killed. That’s the reason why I love this club, that’s the reason why I love English Non League football.
Eventually, my holiday reached another top on Sunday, when I came to discover some places and landscapes of the Sunny Cornwall (I can’t complain about the weather). St.Micheal’s Mount and Portreath are really fantastic places for landscapes, I’ve several trips around the world but I’ve never seen places like that. This was also the first chance to discover Cornwall , as in my first trip I was based in Torquay with my father, and it really worth it. That’s the report of my “away trip to Truro ”. A trip I will never forget. Hopefully there will be a next away trip, if all goes well it will be Bromley! Best wished, and thank you so much to all involved at this fantastic club and especially you supporters. Proud to support this club.

Jacopo Ghirardon, the Italian Fan of Truro

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