28 October 2012

Jake Ash talks to Radio Cornwall after the players meeting on Saturday 27th Oct

Information gleaned from the Jake Ash interview with Radio Cornwall yesterday:


Following the Sutton game, the players met with new club owners Pete Masters and Phil Perryman. 

In what Jake described as a very positive meeting, a percentage of owed wages from August, September and part of October will be paid.  All wages from now will be honoured and both Masters and Perryman have shown "real understanding" in the players situation {regarding non payment of wages from the last couple months}.

Jake stressed that as a group of players, they are very impressed by the new club owners, particularly their openness and honesty.  The players were also happy that the percentage wages agreement has been made, dependent of course that the deal to buy the club goes through.

Jake is very hopeful that a deal (on the Club) can be made very soon by the new owners, ie in the next couple of weeks.  Jake also mentioned that the players have been informed and kept in the loop much more than previously.

The complete interview can be heard by visiting the link above.

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