28 October 2012

Reflections by Mike Truscott

A club reborn -
'Super Saturday' reflections
with Mike Truscott

Well, what a day yesterday was, wasn't it! Talk about a club re-born. Okay, there's still a whole mountain range to clear, but anything is better than nothing - which is all there seemed to be just nine days ago.

What a transformation - what a mood swing - with, of course, a further sensational "twist in the tale" at the end of the day, but it wouldn't have been Truro City without that, would it!

The atmosphere - the new mood of optimism and enthusiasm - was so great, on arrival at Treyew Road for the Sutton match, that you could almost reach out and touch it.

Stewards all over the place, happily organising, controlling and marshalling . . . programme sellers greeting you on the other side of the turnstiles . . . a clubhouse that was positively heaving . . . tea hut buzzing . . . and friendly faces cheerily going round the ground selling those new Golden Goal tickets.

Tracey Finemore, the little lady with the big heart who, almost singlehandedly, has kept the club alive on the admin side these last two months or so, was calmly going about her match-day business in her Portakabin office, with her little boy chirping away in the corner.

Media folk aplenty were awaiting her team sheets and latest player news, while outside the queues at the entrance were stretching back big-time.

The crowd figure, when it came, drew appreciative waves from Hodgey and Newts - SIX HUNDRED AND THIRTEEN - the day's second highest in the League and our biggest of the season. Well done, everyone.

And then, of course, it all began to turn just a teeny weeny bit sour. Never mind the actual result. The last thing we needed, with the continuing transfer embargo, was a fresh injury crisis. So - of course - that's precisely what we got.

God alone knows how Hodgey must have felt as he saw his players seemingly drop like nine-pins. He was already out of action himself plus digesting the news that Yetsi is out almost certainly until the New Year.

Kieffer Moore had suffered a head injury at Staines, and now here were Andy Watkins and Marcus Martin also withdrawing with fresh injuries, and City consequently ending the match with just ten men.

Then Hodgey dropped that bombshell last night with his quotes in Rhod Mitchell's online report, to the effect that he was contemplating quitting.

Fair enough, every man has his breaking point and no-one would think any the worse of him if he did quit.

I've been there, at least twice in my own career, when you're right on the edge, when the pressure from all directions simply gets too much and it's all you can do to stop yourself screaming "get me out of here."

So let's all hope and pray that these were ultimately heat-of-the-moment thoughts that can be reversed in the colder light of day, so to speak.

The alternative - I'm not exaggerating, am I? - is unthinkable, given that £50,000 leap of faith from the club's prospective new owners, plus all the Herculean efforts made by so many individuals these last two months to keep the club alive.

In the meantime, as Captain Marvel subsequently pledged in his interview with BBC Radio Cornwall's Jack Murley -

City will take the field at Farnborough on Tuesday night with ten men if necessary.

Whatever . . . you can't take away the golden memories of yesterday's Super Saturday - when the match-day experience at Treyew Road was full of smiles once more (well, until late in the game!).

And that - we all hope and pray - is just for starters. Yes, there's loads of if's in the mix, and relegation, it has to be said, is now far more likely than not.

But, trying to take a detached view, would that be such a bad thing? I suggest not. In my opinion, the difference in the standard of football between the two leagues is not that great.

Complete the deal for new ownership of the club . . . say goodbye to administration . . . start all over again, in all directions . . . reinforce the playing squad . . . accept the situation as it is and build for next season . . . resume winning again as a habit . . . and then I suggest the good times really will be just round the corner once more. (And if we DO stay up, that's a mega bonus.)

The collective will IS there, in spirit and numbers. This CAN be the start of another magical era. Keep pushing with that big shove - and then, just maybe, we really can start to build on these promising new beginnings and make this "better place" permanent.

So . . . keep coming, keep shouting, keep bringing an extra friend with you, and do all you can to support everyone - incredibly loyal players, staff, prospective new owners, the lot - who are all doing so much, in the face of such mountainous odds, to KEEP TRURO CITY ALIVE.

Then October 27, 2012 - everything that we so fondly recall from yesterday - can be just the start, the first of a great many "Super Saturdays" to come! 

Mike Truscott 

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