20 October 2012

Message from Mansell Wallace

Please read the following statement which was posted on Tiger Talk forum from one of the true gentlemen of football and a truely great friend of everyone at Truro City. It just goes to show what an everlasting bond we have with all at Chelmsford City FC.

''I am the Chairman of Chelmsford City FC and have never logged on a message board before. 

I cannot let this evening go without letting you know that we at Chelmsford City are so pleased over the events that have unfolded this evening. 

I spoke to Steve Clark earlier thinking that all was ok only to discover it was not. Now we know that a plan has been accepted and people have stepped up to the plate you can now go forward and enjoy the rest of the season.

We at Chelmsford were also in this position some years ago so all our fans have empathy with you. I think that a bond has been established between our 2 clubs during these days of uncertainty that will be there forever  and re-inforces my belief that we are all part of the non league family and apart from 1 other Club I still hold that belief. 

Many many congratulations from all at Chelmsford and we look forward to our visit in January.''

From Mansell Wallace.

What a gent and friend.

1 comment:

  1. The man is pure class, let's hope the new guys use Chelmsford City as a source of inspiration.

    Unfortunately the disgusting, vile duo of Webb and Heaney will no doubt try their best till the bitter end to sabotage any hope the community have of rebuilding their club. When will Webb and Heaney realise that they are not just utterly despised in Truro but throughout the football world and public life in general? just leave us alone