11 August 2013

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City Media (South West)
During the last few weeks we have been reviewing both the Photography and Videography coverage on Home and Away matches as it our wish to keep the Club’s website up-to-date as possible, keep Supporters informed as well as providing the Manager and Team every opportunity to review each game played for improvement.
We looked at several options and decided that this task will be best entrusted to City Media (South West) who has offered their professional services and a competitive rate and able to meet criteria set down by the Club.
Those who have attended the Home and Away preseason's matches will already have seen Vaughan and Ben, both Truro City Supporters in action using the latest state of the art equipment. We know that Steve Massey has already benefited from their work.  Our new team coach is fitted with Wi Fi and TV’s and it is anticipated that the played match will be shown on the way home making the journey a little more interesting for the Team.
In addition we should be able to upload the match to the website from the coach giving those supporters who could not attend equal opportunity to review the game at the earliest opportunity. We are also looking into the possibility of screening Truro City away matches live at Bunters Sports Bar.
Peter Masters
Mark Huckle of Piran Films has also posted a lengthy comment on his own blog and can be viewed via this link but is also reproduced here:

Blog 3: Stepping Down

Mark Huckle | August 10, 2013
Holidays provide many things, but for me they are excellent for taking stock – to reflect on the past and look ahead to the future. I was out in Trogir, Croatia recently on a filming holiday, supporting the work of London-based Richmond Holidays. It was great to see so many of the attractions of the former Yugoslavian territory, thanks to a creative partnership I entered into with local travel agents AtlasTrogir. I went rafting down an amazing gorge, visited Diocletian’s Palace in Split, took to the sea in a variety of crafts and visited some stunning waterfalls in the Krka National Park. The company I shared was awesome – fellow Christians from all parts of the country and walks of life holidaying, and in such a beautiful country. To date I have uploaded 4 short films of my stay in Croatia on my YouTube channel “Mark Huckle”

One issue I wanted time to think through was the future direction of my videography business. At the moment the majority of my work has been live events – and Truro City FC in particular. Those who know me will know of my passion for the game of football. I also film weddings, the annual travelogue (Richmond) and produce the odd music promo and films for my employers Truro School. People tell me that my work is first class, but with the exception of the wedding market (which is currently in the doldrums), the majority of my filming is not producing the reddies that will enable me to update and replenish my kit. My trusty 5 year old Sony PMWEX1 has taken a battering of late. So I have either replace it or restrict its use to those jobs that pay. Football DVDs only sell when we’re winning leagues or Vases.

Sometimes one has to adopt the Gideon stance and put a fleece out and test the waters. I am not a salesman and it is not a job I like doing. But, prior to flying out to Croatia, I contacted some local businesses to see if they would be prepared to sponsor Piran Films’ work with Truro City FC. I had even managed a tie in with Shane Solomon’s Cornwall Channel and the exposure that that would have delivered (40,000+ viewers). I thought a couple of thousand pounds for the season would have been loose change to them, but how wrong I was. As a final resort, I approached Truro City FC to see how much they really valued my product.

So reluctantly, I have decided to stand down at Truro City. The timing is ironic, what with my former summariser Steve Massey now in the managerial hot seat and colleague Glynn Hooper his chief coach. Whilst on holiday, the chairman’s son was able to find a student to cover the filming of the friendlies in my absence and a decision was made to go with the “young guns,” rather than investing in proven quality, reliability and experience.

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking all those who have supported my work with Truro City and encouraged me with comments on the forum and in person. Special mention must go to that stalwart of Cornish football and my commentator Dave Deacon. Getting Dave on board was a real coup for me and really improved the service to Truro City supporters local and dotted around the globe. Steve Massey is a great summariser and had me chuckling on many occasion with his refreshingly non PC observations. I’d also like to thank Jake – again another positive Piran Films supporter – and those in the media corps like Rhod Mitchell and Jack Murley. Jack is a brilliant tweeter by the way and I enjoy following him.

What next? That is the exciting bit. It will be good, as the sacked managers say, to take time out and utilise the time freed up. But I have already linked up with a couple of other younger media guys with solid broadcasting experience and something, no doubt, will come of this in due course.

So I return to the back benches. The question is, will I receive a complementary season ticket for services rendered over the past three years? Whatever happens, I wish Truro City, from the chairman down, all the very best for the season ahead.


  1. Good luck in the future Mark. Thanks for the updates and film over the last few years. Steve.

  2. Well I was dumbfounded when hearing the news that you would be standing down as club videographer Mark I was looking forward to seeing your work this season I guess as I have you have enjoyed the last few years behind the camera, I was gutted not to be wanted this season and was so looking forward to the fresh new season ahead but sadly it was not to be, anyway good luck with your pursuits in the future.