08 August 2013

Fixture Card 2013/14 Available now

Tisa members will be pleased to know that the Fixture Card for the 2013/14 season is now available.  Tisa members will receive this as part of the membership package.  Non members are welcome to purchase one for £1 each.  After an absence last year, the card follows the high quality three-fold format published in 2011.  Every league game is listed in red and black (home and away), plus all FA Cup and FA Trophy dates, plus a space for you to fill in rearranged fixtures.  This wallet sized card will be perfect when your partner asks to visit Exeter at Christmas.  You can quickly refer and say your busy that day...just a thought. 

Tisa Membership application forms are available from Simon Birch.  TISA is an organised association of fans, supporting Truro City all the way.  TISA offers a focus for fans keen on Away travel, at a discounted and favourable price. Membership benefits include a £20 cap on all away travel fixtures, a fixture card and pin badge. Application forms for membership are available from the Secretary. Why wait...


  1. Where can I get the fixture list from? Sorry, not a TISA member - live the other side of Wadebridge...

  2. See any of the TISA boys at a home game and you can purchase one.