03 August 2013

Masters appoints Mercedes as the new team coach

In the ever-increasing show of commitment to our club, Peter Masters and Pep Perryman have today announced they have purchased a team coach of the highest spec.  Not only does this ensure our players arrive in comfort, but also fresh to play a decent game of football.  Furthermore, it puts out a clear message to players that this is THE club in Cornwall to aspire to.  On board facilities include a large flat screen tv, live Sky tv, face to face leather reclining seating, galley refreshments area, entertainment hook-ups plus more.

Peter Masters said today on City Alerts: 

"We are pleased to announce that both Philip and I have purchased a Mercedes Team Coach for use by the Truro City Football Teams on their away fixtures. The Coach itself is fully fitted with every conceivable extra and built specifically as a Football Team Coach.

The decision to make the investment was taken based on the amount of travelling anticipated in the foreseeable future and the added benefit of ensuring that team Truro City arrive at their matches in the best possible condition to achieve the desired results we all want and expect.

The Coach is currently being prepared for the first away Match at Bashley on the 20th August."

The first home match of the season kicks off on Saturday 17th August against Bedford Town.

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