17 December 2012

Your club needs you - a plea from Pete Masters


STATEMENT from Peter Masters, Chairman, Truro City Football Club 2012 Limited:

"Now for the hard bit!  I am sure we have all been immensely relieved at the conclusion of the deal to acquire and keep alive Truro City football club, but I need hardly remind you that the battle is far from over.  We still face a mountainous task to get the club back on a sound and sustainable financial footing - and then to drive forward and develop the sort of club, and all its spin-off activities, that we all want to see.

"That means three things in particular - 1) more pairs of hands turning to the task of helping the club - NOW;  2) developing a host of new income streams;  3)  as part and parcel of this, establishing Truro City, just as soon as possible, as very much a COMMUNITY football club.

"Without putting too fine a point on it, we are talking about a minor revolution for the club!  I would like to think that we are only months away from creating at Treyew Road a vibrant mini-community that will be virtually unrecognizable from what has been the picture here for so long now.

"That is not to take anything away from the club's historic achievements on the field of play over the past decade, which have been quite remarkable by any standards.  But the plain and simple fact is that the current structure of the club is wholly inadequate and unsustainable - and falling pitifully short in terms of its potential to generate vastly increased income and to become a great facility for the community at large.

"So that, in a nutshell, is what we are setting out to do, as of now.  But we need YOUR support, practical support, rightaway.  Believe me, we are bursting with ideas for those twin objectives of new income streams and much greater community involvement, and we will be keeping you all informed by publicizing these as and when they progress.

"But there will always be room for a great many more ideas and so we will warmly welcome any proposals of your own - PLEASE do not be backward in coming forward in this respect!  Over the past two months, Philip and I have got to know many of the club's supporters and we have been left in no doubt just how passionately you all care about this great club and its future.  We know many of you will have plenty of ideas of your own about the way forward.  So please let's hear from you - feel very welcome to email me with any suggestions at petermasters@btconnect.com.

"Even more pressingly, however, we now urgently need volunteers to assist in the various duties involved with running the club - for example, Match Day Manager, Commercial Manager, Safety Officer, Players' Kit Manager, Ground Stewards, Car Park Stewards, Cleaners, Ground Maintenance, First Aider.

"If anyone feels they can help with any of these duties, please call in at the Club.  NB The clubhouse will now be open every day, Monday to Friday 5pm to 11pm,  Saturday/Sunday, 12 noon until late.

"Finally, let's all of us not forget the absolute paramount need to raise the attendance figures for home matches.  Of course we all want to maintain as high a standard of football as we possibly can at Treyew Road, but the inescapable fact is that to do so involves substantial expenditure . . . in historically difficult economic times.

"The harsh reality is that the requirement - for football of the present standard at Treyew Road - is gates averaging around 500, and we are a long way short of that at the moment, of course.  So . . . let's all make it our New Year's Resolution to introduce at least one new "regular" supporter to the club.  That would make a huge difference!

"Here's wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year, and with heartfelt thanks for all the support, friendship and encouragement we have received from you all these last two very challenging months.  And now, quite literally - onwards and upwards."

Mike Truscott, City Alerts

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