15 December 2012

Statement from Pete Masters, joint shareholder of TCFC

Peter Masters joint shareholder of Truro City Football Club 2012 Limited, the buyer of Truro City FC commented:

"On Friday 19th October 2012 myself and Philip lodged a £50,000 performance bond with the Football Conference without due diligence saving the Club from certain liquidation. We are pleased that we have now completed the purchase of Truro City FC. It has been a long past few weeks but all of the efforts put in by everyone involved has been tireless and has culminated in the completion of the purchase of the club.

"We can all now look forward as opposed to looking back trying to rectify the issues that the club has accumulated in the past. This is our new start and we are excited for the club because the financial troubles that the club has had in the past can now be forgotten.

There is still a lot of hard work to be done in terms of concluding a CVA so that the regulatory requirements can be completed so as to comply with Football Conference Rules and we still need the support of the creditors in this respect but the club is now under our control so that we can work towards a more certain future.

"The players have been terrific from the start of our involvement and we fully expect that relationship to continue now that we own the club. They have had to make some big sacrifices for the club which were done in an effort to save the club which has been successful and for that we are very grateful.

"We would like to say a very big thank you to Dale Band and his team at Nalders Solicitors, Ian Fraser and his team at Bishop Fleming Accountants who can both take a great deal of credit for why Truro City Football Club is alive and kicking today. We would also like to thank the administrator, Kate Breese of Walsh Taylor who has done a great job conducting the administration.

"We now have a fantastic opportunity of a home game just after completion to get a buzz back and three much needed points at Treyew Road so we hope that as many fans both old and new can join us for this new era for the club."

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