20 December 2012

City Alerts - Treyew Road ground update

Peter Masters, Chairman, Truro City Football Club 2012 Limited, has received the following press release from Helical Bar regarding the Treyew Road ground:--

"Helical Bar can confirm that it has entered into an agreement with Jojo Investco Limited ("JIL") to assess the possible future redevelopment of the Truro City football club site.  JIL acquired the site earlier this year from Cornish Properties Limited.

"The Club itself has now been bought out of administration by a newco owned by Pete Masters and Phil Perryman.  Helical Bar recognise the bold steps taken by Mr Masters and Mr Perryman to save the Club from its recent difficulties, and look forward to an open and positive dialogue with them.  Fundamental to that dialogue will be the need to secure the long future for Truro City football Club in Truro, and to reflect the Clubs widespread aspiration to grow and develop grass roots football for the community.  This will involve full consultation with all interested parties about various issues, including possible alternative Football Ground for the Club.

"Helical Bar recognise the determination of Mr Masters and Mr Perryman to conduct the affairs of the Club in an open and positive fashion, and to ensure that the previous lack of transparency about various aspects of the Club, including the ownership of the Treyew Road land, is not repeated in the future.

"There will be a further announcement early in the New Year."

Initial comment from Peter:  "We have had positive discussions with representatives of Helical Bar PLC as to the way forward to benefit the Club  but it's still early days.  Both Philip and I will continue to be transparent in all our dealings both on and off the Pitch as matters develop. We can say the future for Truro City Football Club and it loyal supporters looks a lot brighter today than it did on Friday 19th October 2012."

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