20 December 2012

City Alerts - Ground clarification

Following some reports you may have seen today, I have just checked with Peter Masters and so far as he is aware, the Truro City ground has NOT been sold. 
I checked because I had not seen anything to this effect, including in the Helical Bar statement we put out this morning.  Peter reaffirmed his understanding that Helical Bar have the OPTION to buy the land, along with  "the agreement to assess" future development, as outlined in this morning's statement.
 Mike Truscott, City Alerts

1 comment:

  1. Does not been sold mean Truro City FC own it or that a third party owner has not sold it? Reports suggest Cornish properties sold the site but hasn't the ground always belonged to Truro City FC. Did Cornish properties ever own it and how did that transpire?