17 December 2012

City Alerts - Lee's view on Maidenhead game

LEE'S VIEW on City   0   Maidenhead United   1:

"It was a relegation dogfight and obviously a very disappointing result for us, especially after the great news late on Friday night.  With everything going on, it was all just too good to be true in the end in terms of rounding it all off with a win on the pitch.

"We started really well - came out of the blocks flying in the first ten to 15 minutes - and we were really positive.  Sometimes you look at refereeing decisions and you realise just what massive game-changers they can potentially be.  I spoke to the referee about the yellow card for the guy who brought down Andy Watkins when he was clear and he said it was only a yellow because the ball was running through to the goalkeeper - but Andy said the ball was at his feet.

"It was also a tough pitch.  Mark Brent does an absolutely amazing job to get the pitch in such good condition, after all the rain, but understandably it was still heavy and hard to play on.  In conditions like that, it's bound to become more of a 50-50 scrap and less of the quick-flowing football that's our style.

"Whatever the reason, we were ultimately just not at it on Saturday.  I hold my hands up personally;  I didn't have the best game in the world.   As for the goal, the ball took a flick off my head and it probably would have been better if I hadn't managed to reach it, because the flick put Luke out of position.  Generally, whereas we have been nice and compact in recent weeks, we lacked that on Saturday.

"Lady Luck was against us, too, with Andy Watkins striking the post and no-one there for the rebound, and then a fantastic save by their goalkeeper to keep out a deflected shot.  It seems our opponents are all performing to the highest levels at the moment to stop us getting anything - but that's no excuse, that's what the game is all about, of course.  Plus we've just gone three games running without scoring, even though we've been making chances, and I can't ever remember that happening before.  So all told it was very disappointing, but we'll pick ourselves up and we'll go to Salisbury in a very positive frame of mind."

No doubt most of you will have seen the lengthy interviews that PETER MASTERS has given to Dave Deacon/Piran Films - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLBJH0tjmdU&feature=youtu.be -
and the media, following Friday's completion of the sale of the club.  Peter has asked me to emphasise that as of now Truro City is very much a community football club and that "we are looking for volunteers to assist in the various duties involved with running the club, for example players kit manager etc."   Watch out for a dedicated City Alert on this topic later in the week.

By Mike Truscott

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