24 August 2012

Truro City club and ground sold for £2.25m

Source: West Briton, via This is Cornwall LINK

THE Cornish Guardian's sister paper the West Briton can reveal in a separate development that the football club and the ground has been sold for more than £2.25 million.

Records from the Land Registry show that Truro City Football Club and ground were purchased by Jojo Investco Ltd.

The purchase price of the club and ground was listed as £2,280,000.

Jojo Investco Ltd was registered as a private company on June 7.

The company has one shareholder – Alan Bracher – who has a registered address in central London.
The West Briton tried to contact Mr Bracher to find out what the consequences of the deal would be for Truro City FC but he did not return calls or respond to e-mails.

Nobody from Truro City was available for comment.


  1. Alan Bracher? The only Director is a David John Manning, 06/03/1946, who appears to live in New York.

  2. I always worry when property developers buy into football clubs. It smells funny.