30 August 2012

City's future in doubt as assistant calls for answers

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JUST what is happening at Truro City and does the club have a future?

That is the question that fans, players and the management are asking after the latest developments to rock the Treyew Road club.

Friday's resignation of Kevin Heaney as chairman because of illness and the subsequent news that he had been made bankrupt has left the club in limbo.

Chris Webb has moved up from vice-chairman to chairman, while it has also been revealed that chief executive Mark Woolcock resigned after the midweek match against Havant and Waterlooville.

He said: "I was supposed to be given the day to day running of the club, but alas that is still not entirely possible at the moment. Lets see what the near future brings. Under the right circumstances I would love to come back, but a few things need to be sorted first."

City's long suffering squad are due to be paid by tomorrow but it is unclear whether that will happen sparking fears the players, who are all at the club on a non-contract basis, could quit.

If that happens it will throw the club, which has resembled a soap opera in recent times, into total turmoil.
Salisbury City chairman William-Harrison Hall, whose CGA company has been paying the players, was at Saturday's game, but it is not known whether that will continue to happen after the Conference launched an investigation into a possible conflict of interest.

All everyone with the best interests of the club at heart wants is some stability.

And that was a view strongly endorsed by City's assistant manager Dave Newton after Saturday's match.
He said: "All we want is some stability and to know exactly where we stand. We don't know where we are. We just want someone to come in front of us and tell us what's happening.

"We have no money and there is a big doubt whether we are going to be paid this week and if that happens we have a problem.

"Off the pitch we are in dire straits and we need someone to come in and help us out.

"I think there are people who want to get involved in the club. If we can get the feel good factor back the fans will come back in their numbers. Let's run Truro as a proper football club because it is not being done so at the moment.

"The players and Hodgey (City boss Lee Hodges) have been fantastic. But with the transfer embargo, he is fighting with one hand tied behind his back. Barry Hayles wanted to stay but he was allowed to go and I don't know why. We need players of that experience at this level of football.

"We need leadership from the board room and if get things right we can give this league a real go."

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  1. I am so glad Dave has had the gits to come out and say what we have all been saying for months. We want the TCFC board to get its head out of the sand, where it has been conveniently buried, and actually tell us what is going on. If they cannot fulfill their commitment to the club then sell it to the parties that are interested in running as a football club and not a vanity project.