03 August 2012

The mother of all fiasco's

The complete Truro City first team and coaching staff met with vice chairman Chris Webb last night at Tregye, Truro to ask for something simple - their wages...again.  In what must be the saddest day in the club's history, the players have all but decided enough is enough.  A deadline has been issued to the management to pay up by next Thursday 10am.  If nothing is forthcoming, the players will walk.  And the players even had the decency to sign their contracts (with get out clause) thus ensuring the club retains its golden share in the Conference South.

How the management can let this matter descend in to utter chaos is beyond belief.  On a busy night on Twitter, some of the players have voiced their opinions, and it makes for very sad reading:

Arran Pugh@sickgiraffepugh
Lying in bed gutted tonight...was looking forward to another great season, at a fantastic club with top friends on and off the pitch.

Tim Sandercombe@MrUppity1
Bit gay but very sad and disappointed to be saying goodbye tonight in particular to les.

Barry Hayles
Really sad times hope it gets sorted out great times in my career and bunch of lads.

Joseph Broad@jbizzle6
Sad times, emotional evening saying goodbyes!! Couldn't have played with a better group and in front of a better set of fans

Jake Ash@jakeyash
I don't know what to feel. The journey has been amazing with memories I will never forget. I'm SO proud to have been part of it.

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