06 August 2012

"No ultimatum from players," says Truro City captain Jake Ash

Source: Simon Larkins, Falmouth Packet LINK

Truro City captain Jake Ash has said the players are 'devastated' by the current situation at the club and stated that they have not issued an ultimatum.

Jake Ash after the Falmouth game
The club is currently in the middle of financial turmoil, with the players having not been paid and with little or no funds available.

The club have had a metoric rise up the non-league football ladder in recent seasons, gaining five promotions from the South Western League to the Conference South.

However, a difficult last season saw the club appear in High Court over unpaid tax bills and issued with a ttranfer emabargo.
Chairman Kevin Heaney is reportedly to be in talks with investors in London, but if a deal is not struck by 10am on Thursday, to pay the players, it could see the club in serious trouble.

Ash, said: "We are all absolutely devastated that this situation has arose and the club finds itself in such peril. It has been reported the players have issued some kind of ‘ultimatum’, but that isn’t the case.

"Without any funds at all, which is what we are being told is very much the likelihood, the club wouldn’t survive whether we as players were there or not.

"Even if the club spent nothing on players wages, the operating costs to get to places like Dover and Chelmsford on a weekly basis are huge. If the money isn’t there for players, it won’t be there for anything or anyone.

"As players we have allowed the club to register us all, without allowing this the club would have been charged and probably thrown out of the league. This has bought the club and the investors a week to try to sort out whatever their differences are in order for the club to continue operating at this level. Obviously if that can’t happen it will be incredibly sad and all the hard work that so many good lads have put in will, in essence, have been a complete waste of time."

"Whatever happens, I know all the players want to thank the supporters for some truly kind words and gestures since this news broke. We can only all hope, that by the time they read this, something will have been sorted and we can all look forward to pulling on the shirt and repaying them on the pitch.”

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