23 August 2012

Conflict of interest in tale of two cities

Source: This is Cornwall LINK HERE

AN INVESTIGATION has been launched into a potential "conflict of interest" involving the man expected to be the financial saviour of Truro City Football Club.

Kevin Heaney was unavailable for comment.

The West Briton, the Cornish Guardian's sister paper, revealed last week that Truro City players were paid by CGA Holdings, owned by William Harrison-Allan, chairman of Salisbury City.

Now the boss of the Conference League has confirmed he has launched an investigation into a potential conflict of interest in Mr Harrison-Allan's involvement with Truro City.

Truro City and Salisbury City both play in the Blue Square Bet South league of the Football Conference and are due to meet this Saturday at Treyew Road.

Dennis Strudwick, general manager of the Football Conference, said: "I'm investigating the question of whether there is a conflict of interest."

Mr Strudwick would not say anything further about the investigation at this point but said rule five would be the relevant section of the Football Conference Ltd FA Standardised Membership Rules.

Rule five states: "Except with the prior written consent of the board no person, company or business institution (including insolvency practitioners) may at any time be interested in more than one club or in a club and any other club playing in a competition sanctioned by the FA."

The definition of "interested", taken from the rules of the FA Cup, include a person who "is involved in any capacity whatsoever in the management or administration of that club" or who "has any power whatsoever to influence the financial, commercial or business affairs or the management or administration of that club" or who "has lent money to or guaranteed the debts or obligations of that club".

Mr Harrison-Allan said previously that the last round of Truro City players' wages were paid by his company CGA Holdings after players threatened to quit the club. Mr Harrison-Allan said the payments were made to help his "mate" Kevin Heaney, chairman of Truro City, and had nothing to do with Salisbury City.

When contacted about the potential conflict of interest this week Mr Harrison-Allan refused to comment and hung up. Nobody from Truro City was available for comment.


  1. Heaney is not available for comment? Don't they have phones in Spain? (where the Ginger Ninja has legged it)

  2. brian thompson, this is a mickey take on the other teams and the league itself, why chris is still standing with him only he knows.

  3. "this is a mickey take on the other teams and the league itself" - that maybe so but Heaney and Webb are taking the piss big time out of everyone involved in TCFC and the fans. As for Webb he'll be left facing the music and have to carry the can while Heaney suns himself in Spain.

  4. Didn't the infamous Mountaineer say that Ginge was due for a major Op and would need 3mths to recover ?

    Time for a TISA protest this Saturday methinks !

  5. Ideal day to protest when the so called saviour comes marching into town with his first club.

  6. If it's any consolation, us Salisbury fans are a little confused about it all too! Heard your club has been sold now, so hopefully it should all work out for you? Anyhow, looking forward to a good match tomorrow... see you there!