03 August 2012

What (allegedly) happened was...

What (allegedly) happened was...

These are the events (as I'm led to believe):

The investors paid off the mortgages Heaney raised against the club following Lloyds' 'calling in' of the debt.

Other debts have also been settled by the investment company.

A substantial offer was (and still is) on the table from the investors for Heaney to accept and leave the Club.

Heaney accepted this offer.

As part of the agreement, Heaney's shares in the club were to be signed over to the investment company.

They, in turn, were happy to sign them over to Mark Woolcock.

Heaney had issues with this and wanted them to be assigned to Webb (presumably so he could still play puppet master).

Investment company weren't happy with this (understandably!) and so compromise was reached whereby Mark Woolcock & Webb would hold the shares equally.

Heaney resigned as a Director on Friday 21st July, leaving Mark Woolcock as the sole Director.

Mark Woolcock formed an Executive Committee to take the Club forward.

Heaney, on discovering this (through Webb) then suspended Mark Woolcock on Wednesday 25th July.

On Friday 27th July Webb (presumably bored at the lack of action at Treyew Road) decides to set fire to all the crap he's 'fly-tipped' behind the Carlsberg Stand - which comprises of asbestos sheeting - setting the back of the stand alight in the process. tries to cover the mess with old 'TCFC - Truck Stop' signs. Could be the reason for the players' sudden illness this Tuesday! Wink

Back to serious business: Webb (NOT a Director) then formed another Committee on Monday 30th July. During this meeting he stated that he had told all the members of the Executive Committee that they had been stood down. In fact, he had not communicated this to them, and hadn't even contacted all 6 of them.

Heaney now refuses to relinquish his share in the Club.

Webb tells the Management & players on 2nd August that Heaney "would rather see the Club in Step 7 than give up his share in the club."

Players then submit league registrations, but also submit 14 days notice to the Club.

If outstanding monies are not paid by 10pm Thursday 10th August then players will exercise their right to leave the Club.

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