10 April 2013

Truro City Football Club threatened with a winding up order over "fabricated" debt claim

Source: This is Cornwall

THE girlfriend of Truro City Football Club's bankrupt former chairman has threatened to present a winding up petition against the club on Friday if an alleged £125,000 debt was not settled by this afternoon.

Kevin Heaney's partner Julia Sincock, who is a company director of Dilby Limited, said the firm was owed the fee for the usage of "all assets at Treyew Road".
In an email that was leaked to the West Briton, she wrote "to avoid unnecessary legal action against your client providing there is lease and payment agreed in the next 24 hours then as far as Dilby Limited concern it will be the end of this matter".

It adds: "If I do not hear from yourselves by 5pm today (Tuesday) I have been informed that contracted buyers' lawyers Charles Russell will issue a winding up petition against TCFC 2012 Limited which will be served at the creditors meeting on Friday 12 April 2013 at 11am."
When contacted by the West Briton Ms Sincock refused to comment.

Peter Masters, Truro City chairman, said the club owed Ms Sincock nothing.

He claimed: "I have a letter from Julia Sincock which is fabricated and it has got nothing to do with the club.

"It is not our problem, it's their problem. The debt is not ours.

"When we took over the club and whatever things were there, we bought and paid for it all.

"It is something to do with the previous liquidation, the club does not owe anything to Julia Sincock or Dilby."

Mr Heaney was made bankrupt on August 24 last year and stood down as chairman of the club.

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  1. Seems was big enough problem to cancel cva,time will tell.