28 April 2013

Truro City chairman frustrated as club's future still unclear

By Rhod Mitchell, This is Cornwall.

Truro City chairman Pete Masters has admitted his frustration at the uncertainity surrounding the future of the already relegated club which ended its two year spell in Blue Square South, with a 3-2 defeat at Tonbridge Angels today.

In a statement issued immediately after the game he said:

"Whilst clearly it is a big disappointment for the club to have been relegated from the Conference South, it remains a fantastic achievement for the club to have survived the Administration, which was assisted by the players' agreement to waive their arrears back in November 2012.

"If Truro City Football Club Limited (in Administration) is able to pass an approved Company Voluntary Arrangement, then it is understood that the club would just be relegated (due to its league position) to the Southern League Premier Division.

"If not, then it is understood that the Club is likely to be playing in either the Southern League Division One South & West or the Western League.
"We understand from the FA that this decision cannot be made until at least after the Football Conference's AGM, which is scheduled for 8th June 2013.

"In the circumstances, it is clearly impossible for us to make too many plans until the situation in relation to the CVA is finalised and the FA have clarified the Club's league position.

"This is frustrating for all involved, but given the state the Club was in when we took over, we all knew it was not going to be easy.

"We perhaps did not know that it was going to be so hard, but the fact remains that the Club has against the odds survived and, worst case, will remain the highest placed football club in the County.

I will release a further statement once the League position has been clarified.

"Once again, thanks for your effort and commitment to the Club and, hopefully, next season we can look forward to stability off the pitch and success on it.