11 April 2013

CVA Meeting for Friday 12th cancelled

Peter Masters has this afternoon announced via Twitter, that the CVA meeting to be held on Friday has been cancelled. 

Peter Masters said: "Following late notifications from both Dilby Limited and the Conference League, the latter being received at 11.53am today, the company voluntary arrangement (CVA) has been withdrawn and will be amended and reissued at a later date."

"In the interest of the Club, Pep and I have decided to withdraw the CVA at this time for amendment. No alternative".
"It is unfortunate for all concerned, especially for Lee and the team who quite rightly want to know their position for next season."

Peter Masters later said " I would like to remind those opposing the CVA that the (Truro City) Football Club is there to benefit the community and not for individual gain."


I spoke to Mr Masters at the Eastleigh game and I detected exasperation at the number of people willing to stick the knives in and how much hatred there was for the club.  With the late notifications from Dilby and the Conference, one can only now appreciate what he was saying and sympathise with Pete and Pep.  The amount of hard work and finance invested, only to be scuppered at the eleventh hour is soul destroying. 

Just asking a question here, but why would the Conference wish to submit a late notification 24 hours before the meeting?

Steve Rogers.


  1. Reference the above,one has to ask,is the hatred targeted at the club or Peter Masters.From what ive picked-up and heard im thinking he isnt the guy we need at the helm.

  2. Again ref the above. Can anyone enlighten me as to what this CVA is all about

  3. Mr.Masters is in a hole and now he tweets he can see a light.Reminds me of the guy in the tunnel that could see a light......it was a train coming towards him!