10 November 2011

TCFC Open Meeting - Wed 9th Nov

Summary of discussion

This is by no means the complete set of minutes, but a series of discussion points mentioned last night. 

There was some serious but quite open and frank discussion from Kevin and the board.  Kevin was remarkably open and candid in his approach to the evening.  He prepared his lengthy notes well and delivered them clearly.  The over-riding theme of the evening from Kevin was one of compromise and having to work together in the future.  After some seven years of success, which we were reminded of several times, the "Club has reached a level which it cannot continue in its current format", ie solely Kevin and Chris running the affairs of the club.  New people with new skills (and cash) are required on a re-styled board. 

Kevin continued to tell us that he was summoned to a meeting with the FA Conference recently and told in no uncertain terms that things needed changing at TCFC.  In particular, revenue streams from more commercial activity within the community (TCFC are bottom of the league table in this respect) and working more closely with fans were mentioned.  Kevin openly admitted that he had concentrated in the past on matters on the field rather than off it.  This has to change in the future.

Kevin and Chris asked for help from supporters in achieving Conference Level ground status.  This naturally caused a strong reaction from many supporters.  The rift in opinion was clear in the filled room but Kevin again stated he wanted to try and work together.  A question from the floor was asked about cash available to see the job through. The reply was that cash would be available.

Continuing with the conciliatory and cooperative approach by the Board, further questions were asked regarding payment of the players, cash available for the ground upgrading, cash to pay the HMRC, etc.  Kevin used the word "hopefully" several times that new investors would come forward.  In reality, no concrete information regarding these aspects was mentioned.

TISA came across really well on the night; we were structured, composed and credible. Kevin acknowledged and credited TISA on numerous occasions, citing our incredible away support (which Hodgey echoed) and our 'second-to-none' support of the club. He repeatedly stated that the club needs our help and he would like to hold a series of meetings with TISA committee members to discuss the possibility of working together going forward, and for representation on the club's board.

Following the meeting, Mark Woolcock approached TISA committee members with view to organising the first of these meetings.

It was never on the TISA agenda to mention Red & Black on the night, but it was brought up by several attendees, so a brief discussion was held regarding the clothing ban. Although this was not lifted last night, Kevin did announce plans for next season's 3rd kit to be Red & Black. Hopefully we can get the ban lifted soon.

Only time will tell whether last night's meeting has laid the foundations for future harmony between club & supporters, but it was a promising start.

Colin Carter and Steve Rogers.

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