20 November 2011

City Alerts - Lee's view

LEE'S VIEW on Truro City 2 Tonbridge Angels 0

"We were playing a team who were right on form - any team that goes to Sutton and gets a result is some team. The boys showed everything about this club - they gave it their all. It was a bit backs-to-the-wall at the end, but then it was great to finish it off right at the death. In the last few games, we have had problems defending our goal, but today everybody stood out - put their chests out and said 'we are going to defend that goal', and I am so proud of them.

"I left it late with the substitutions for the simple reason I was pleased with what was going on, but they were running out of steam so it was a case of fresh legs.

"I think the referee got a little bit excited with that free-kick for Tonbridge right at he end. I was a little disappointed with that; I just think he got a little bit carried away with it all. But then when our second goal went in, that meant everything to everyone on the park, on the bench and in the crowd. It was great that Ed Palmer scored it. He's been in and out of the team and must have been very frustrated. He's a great lad. He's spot-on with his training, and whatever job I ask him to do he just comes on and gets on with it."

(Confirming that DANNY CLAY and ANDY TAYLOR have decided to leave the club) "They have decided they didn't want to be part of it any more and want pastures new. I didn't want to lose them, but that's their decision and I wish them all the best."

On the season generally: "This season is all about survival (in this league) and at the moment we are on target. If we finish four points above the relegation zone, that will be job done."

(The above comments are extracts from an interview with Dave Deacon for Piran Films).

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