11 November 2011

City Alerts: Chairman's message

From Kevin Heaney:

"Further to the meeting held at the Clubhouse on Wednesday night, I would just like to thank all of the 100+ attendees for their co-operation.

It was a very constructive meeting and a big thank you to anyone who got involved with asking questions and being pro-active.

I look forward to working closely with TISA and anyone else who is interested in becoming involved with the football club to help improve and run TCFC as a whole.

Should you wish to get involved in any form, please email our office and we will see what positions we can make available.

The email address is: shaun.lawrence@trurocityfc.co.uk

Once again, a big thank you from myself to everyone who attended and see you at the next home game."

(Mike Truscott, Editor, City Alerts)

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