03 November 2011

Rough justice

Last Saturday at the Woking game, 664 fans were not only treated to some football, but also some unsavoury night-club tactics in dealing with apparently unruly fans.  Someone must have given the order to deal with Truro fans in such an over-the-top and heavy handed way.  And all over a flag being erected.  A simple red and black flag.  A flag which means so much to the loyal fans and supporters of Truro City Football Club.  The fans who travel to every away game with all the flags, including by the way, the St Piran flag with the TCFC logo proudly emblazoned on it.

OK, a smart lawyer could argue that the flag should never have been erected.  Perhaps so.  But at this crucial time of the Club's life, it needs its loyal support more than ever.  Don't forget, the banning of one supporter doesn't just mean one man.  Other supporters were deeply saddened by what happened last week.

This is the exact text message wording from Webby to Brian:

"Hi Brian sorry to say that after talking to all concerned, after Saturdays incident, we have decided to put you on a ban until further notice, even though I texted you earlier in the week. Regards Chris Webb"

Sorry Chris. To treat anyone like this after initially telling him otherwise, is not good for morale.  The morale of the Club, the supporters and the individual concerned.  Word spreads quickly around the club and it will be the club that ultimately suffers.

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  1. From Mountaineer:

    Unfortunately Truro City are fast becoming the 'laughing stock' of the Conference South when they PLAY AT HOME, on the other hand they are 'envied' for having such loyal supporters by our opponents when playing AWAY - The majority of those who travel up from Cornwall do so in transport ORGANISED by BRIAN who is now BANNED - I don't think the banning has anything to do with last Saturday - I believe it to be related to his criticism of the clubs hierarchy - When in an official capacity you sometimes get criticised, at times it could be justified, on other occasions it may not, Brian was only saying what many others believe, PROMISES get BROKEN, there have been meetings in the past where things agreed have not been actioned, swept under the carpet - All the supporters want is an end to the ducking and diving, they want assurances THEIR club is SAFE, the ground SECURE and the club along with it's facilities once again becoming part of the local community.
    Brian should not have been banned he's the victim of a VENDETTA that has got OUT OF HAND.