16 November 2011

Interesting Tonbridge forum comment

I've been to three Truro matches and, in those three matches, they've scored 16 and let in 3 (and one of the matches was 1 - 0). Needless to say, they're excellent on the attack and our defence needs be absolutely clinical in closing them down or we're going to get annihilated! Barry Hayles may be the 'big name' in their attack, but it's their wingers Les Afful and Andy Watkins that we'll really want to watch out for - they're lightning-quick and play some stunning football when unmarked. Hayles isn't so quick these days but he's still a classy player, as you'd expect. It's not all potential doom and gloom, though - their defence looks dodgy when under attack, so we must be on the ball (literally) up front.

Their fans provide barely any atmosphere, so if the Angels coach is still running we should chant them down easily. (And if the coach isn't running, I'll chant them down myself!) There's no stand behind one of the goals, it's just a rail and some grass between where it's paved, and the stand behind the other goal is seated - a bit different to Longmead! It's a long walk into the city (about a mile to the cathedral) and, as far as I know, apart from the club bar there aren't any pubs in the immediate vicinity.

Hope this proves useful if you haven't been to Treyew Road/Truro before.


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