28 October 2011

Yetts backs chairman Kevin Heaney

Source: BBC Link

Truro City striker Stewart Yetton has backed chairman Kevin Heaney as the club prepares to face a winding-up petition in the High Court on Monday.

It was served by HM Revenue & Customs over money they say they are owed.

"I've been at this club for five or six years now and Kev's been great for the boys," Yetton told BBC Radio Cornwall.

"He's having a tough time but we've got to stick together. If it wasn't for Kev the club wouldn't be in the position it's in."

Truro have won their last two matches, including an 8-2 thrashing of Farnborough Town, as they adapt to their first season in the Blue Square Bet South.

"When you have problems off the field it will always be there and people will look to use that sometimes as an excuse because mentally it is tough for everyone," added former Plymouth Argyle striker Yetton.

"It is tough, but we're professional and we'll get on with it."

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  1. Anonymous (Mountaineer).
    Kevin must feel under siege during these poor economic times, we all appreciate where he has brought Truro City and know he will do all he can for the good of Truro City Football Club and hopefully see him once again joining us on those great away-days. We know he loves the club, the supporters back him against a government department that is in disarray.
    At this time HMRC are making a mess of most of our tax liabilities, I have been waiting 4 months about the state of mine, in the meantime I have to keep paying over the top.
    It has been reported that half the country are owed about £300 by the HMRC, the other half owes them, it is a case of tossing a coin and hoping it comes down on your side.
    I thought my tax days were over when I retired in 2001.