20 October 2011

Ian Rennie sacked as Club Secretary

TCFC Statement issued 20th October 2011.

Ian Rennie with Lee Hodges - Aug 2011.

In an attempt to keep all Truro City fans abreast of how the club is developing, we would like to inform you all that Ian Rennie has been asked to step aside as Football Secretary. The Chairman is keen to express his thanks to Ian for his efforts over the past years and is hopeful that Ian will remain with the club in some capacity.

The challenges of playing Conference South level football have not only been felt by the players, but the club has also needed to review its development plan and embrace all aspects of community, youth and adult football and the potential funding available which will benefit the long term plans of the club as a whole.

Based on this, a new role is required that encompasses the secretarial, development, community and funding aspects of a modern club. The Chairman is pleased to announce that Mark Woolcock will be assuming these responsibilities and will work to ensure the ongoing security and success of Truro City FC.

Chris Webb
Vice-Chairman, TCFC.

TISA Opinion:

One has to question the wisdom of the sacking of such a key figure in the club, at such a crucial time in the Club's history.  Whatever events led to this situation, only Ian and Kevin will fully know.  However, with massive issues such as an impending HMRC Winding Up Order, transfer/registration embargo, a statement from Lee that "he will not quit" , the recent disappearance of the Club general manager, unpaid players, the ongoing lack of recognition towards the supporter's club and you would have thought that an experienced Club Secretary was crucial at this juncture.  We wish Mark good luck in his new role but as the First Team Physio, will have more than enough to do already. 

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