23 October 2011

Priceless !

The confessions of a Truro City away day in Dartford:

1 pint of Tribute in The Malt Shovel
1 pint of Doom Bar and 2 pints of Dartford Wobbler at The Ivy Leaf
1 pint of Greene King IPA in the clubhouse (I had a sneeky extra pint at half time)
2.5 pints of Doom Bar in The ivy Leaf after the match (I was on Wobbler)

Thats 7.5 pints (8.5 for me)

Obviously me and the wife had to go to our local in Sutton for a couple of pints of London Pride as we were still thirsty!!

Why am I not still in bed?

Great day.
Signed:  SteveC!!!


  1. This should be put in context. The post was quoting Mountaineers consumption with my differences in brackets - the exception being the additional intake in Sutton.

    Goes to show that age doesn't make you any better behaved!!!!!

  2. It certainly loosened Mountaineer's vocal chords although that being said they never really need loosening.

  3. Anonymous (MOUNTAINEER).

    All I do is go quietly about my business

    I shall however awaken Sleepy Surrey
    when we go to SUTTON.