31 August 2011

TISA Statement

TISA Statement

Most Truro Fans will by now have heard about the sad situation resulting from the terrace chants last Saturday at the Dorchester game. The song in question is widely sung at Premiership grounds but the words were changed to unfortunately slant towards Kevin and he has quite rightly been deeply offended. 

Brian Thompson, the TISA Chairman, deeply regretted the situation and apologized profusely to Mr. Heaney at half time.  It was only “intended as a joke” but the rationale behind the lyrics is now without doubt questionable to say the least.
The net result is that Brian Thompson has since confirmed that he is standing down as Chairman of TISA and is himself saddened by his actions and the subsequent fallout.  At this juncture, TISA would like to officially apologise to Kevin and Julia for any offence or hurt that may have been caused by anyone connected with our Association.

The TCFC Vice-Chairman, Chris Webb, has also now requested that any TISA branded items, including TISA shirts, scarves and badges not be worn to Treyew Road, as of this Saturday 3rd September.  Treyew Road gate security has been instructed to refuse entry to anyone wearing TISA merchandise.

Obviously a lot of long-standing, decent Truro City supporters and TISA members have also been upset by the whole sorry scenario, not least that we have all been ‘tarred with the same brush’ as those who caused offence. Sadly, it seems that many of the people singing the chants were not TISA members and during the second half, the singing was indeed raised to another level.  By then, several TISA members had departed the covered end.

The TISA committee is meeting at 11am this Saturday at the Railway Club, followed by a meeting for all members at 12 noon, Sat 3rd September.

Colin Carter
TISA Vice Chairman

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