01 August 2011

Truro City FC - a viewpoint from When Saturday Comes

An interesting article well worth a read, posted on the fanzine WSC recently.  The link is HERE


  1. Interestingly, the article was written by Will Wears, the same person who wrote an article from 'a fan's perspective' in the West Briton last season. Some people understandably mistook the article as being from a TISA perspective, as Rhod Mitchell put our first 'awayday report' in the week before.

  2. It is a very poor article published without checking the facts, as with most things people love to knock anything that may be good, the ground is up to BS Conference SOUTH/NORTH standard NOW, Mr Heaney has ensured the clubs facilities have been improved to fit in with each advance up the Pyramid, I have been happy with the clubs rise and so are the majority of the 500/600 average gate. AS I SAID A VERY POOR ARTICLE that is OUT OF DATE.

  3. Thanks for the comments. TruroFans agrees with your sentiments. Indeed, there are at least fifteen negative comments towards the club in the article, balanced with a few positives though they are hard to find. The dozen or so feedback comments are also not entirely in agreement with the article. It's fairly obvious that the article has been written by a non-City fan!