28 August 2011

Havant images - part 2

A good day out [would have been a great day with a different result] and my thanks also to 'Driver-Brian' for our safe delivery and return.

A new place to visit for me. Havant didn't inspire me greatly on arrival with its high-rise flats and less than delightful shopping centre. As we found our way in the middle of a large estate a big flat green area emerged with what at first we thought was a maximum security prison right in the middle of it. High metal and brick walls on all 4 sides with an adornment of barbed wire and CCTV cameras. After parking in the large car park and making our way tentatively towards the prison walls we found a large opening into the inside and were warmly greeted and invited in by the Warders.

Never judge a book by its cover....
Inside the ground [delighted to say it was the ground and not a prison] it was a picture to behold. Bathed in sunshine the pitch looked immaculate. A briiliant ground with good cover and terracing on all 4 sides and one side having a large seated grandstand area. It all looked bright, well cared for and maintained with refreshment facilities at both ends and a large and welcoming Westleigh Pub attached.

The staff & fans were all friendly and helpfull and we enjoyed the moment doing our best to make as much noise as possible.

So - a good day out - with just 2 very 'Grey' factors - the disappointing team performance and the even more disappointing grey away strip.

Never mind - we will bounce back - and at least I have got the memories and experience of another new place and ground on our journey through the world of non-league football.
(Written by Polmeer).
Yetts attempts to get behind a strong defence.

Marcus being arm-wrestled to the ground. No problem there Ref?

Pughey climbs high

Super Les shoots inside the 18 yard box

Scotty scores his third pen for the season

Captain Marcus

Broady and Yetts in the 18 yard box

Stevie Adams humble in defeat respects the Ref.

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