27 July 2013

Truro City chairman unhappy at lack of season ticket sales (by Rhod Mitchell, West Briton)

Truro City chairman Peter Masters says he is disappointed with the lack of season ticket sales ahead of the start of the club's new season in the Calor League premier division on Saturday August 17 when they entertain Bedford Town.

He said today that only 58 season tickets had been sold, made up of 17 adults, 40 concessions and one junior and warned that if this was a sign of likely attendances it did not bode well for the club which only came out of administration in the summer.
He said: “If we use this as an indicator for the new season’s home attendance this would give me cause for concern as there would be little or no hope of having a sustainable club with that level of support in the Southern Premier and beyond without Philip and I digging deep into our pockets again.
“I am pleased to report that the actual season tickets have now been printed and have been delivered to Steve Rogers at South West Optics, River Street, for distribution along with the TCFC Polo Shirts. At the time of writing we have sold a disappointing 58 in total, despite everyone’s effort.
“I have today provided Steve with a total of 150 season tickets and 150 polo shirts, is it really too much for me to ask anyone with an interest in Cornish football and
Truro City Football Club to demonstrate their support by buying a season ticket now at this very competitive offer?.”

The cost of season tickets are: Adult (17-59 years) £150; Concession (60 years +) £100 and Juniors (12-16 years) £50.

Tickets are available from Steve Rogers on 01872 263444 until July 31 and applies to 23 home league games, but exclude cup games.

The season ticket also allows free entry to City’s next friendly against Oxford United on Monday (7.30pm). In addition, all season ticket holders will receive a free white polo shirt with the new badge on it.


  1. I am interested, but actually feel i can give more money to the club by paying on the day. I am unusual perhaps, but want to give more than £150 over the season.

  2. Bought my season ticket yesterday, bargain for anyone who wants to see the best football Cornwall can offer and an excellent matchday experience as well...
    Hard to believe that people aren't queuing up to snap them up...
    Like the previous post, I would like to support the club more financially and hope to bring groups from our pub to the new hospitality suite.
    Very impressed with the look of Treyew Road set up and looking forward to the new season with relish !
    Keep the faith, a good start to the season will make a big difference. We Cornish are a fickle lot !
    ( Will still miss Andy Watkins da da da-da tho..!. )
    Jamie Mercer
    Fourways Inn
    St Minver

  3. Its a bargain if you are fit and well I have asked for a concession like OAP for the disable (I get £117 a week for myself and wife) but know one who is in a high position will reply to me and if I post anything on tigertalk I get slated, reason why I don't post anything now.If Truro have 3 games in a month then I miss a game please help

  4. I think people are reluctant to spend that sort of money this early in the proceedings as we don't know how this new batch of players are going to perform under new management, well I say new we have seen two manage here before but the fact remains that I don't think you will see the sort of numbers that PM and co are expecting until we start winning games and start getting top of the league clashes, then the numbers will go up.

  5. To follow just a winning team is like being a bully in a school playground, it takes a real supporter to follow a team grinding out a result against tough opposition, that has them nervously on the edge of their seat.
    Fans should get behind the team from day one, don't miss out on the beginning of City's winning run, a lot of hard work has gone into the close season and that deserves rewarding.

    Pete, Pepe, Jason etc have done so much during recent months but for Truro City to completely recover from what happened could take a few more years but difficult without more support, the way forward is together, there is a solid structure in place but it needs the solidarity of supporters turning up regularly in large numbers.

  6. I'm afraid that true supporters are a small number and to get the numbers that PM and co are after you need to draw in Jo public and hard work aside you will only get big attendances at top of the league clashes just look back at previous seasons when we were coming up through the leagues.

  7. Who's to deny Truro City are not that top of the table club and deserve the support, at this time we are joint TOP.

    I think PM thought more people would have pride in their City and the well-being of their football club.

    Get to Treyew Road and enjoy Tom Trust's "Happy" music and the football.