11 February 2013

Dorchester Town FC confirm signing of Kieffer Moore

Source: Official Dorchester Town FC website LINK

"The club (Dorchester Town FC) are delighted to announce the signing of 18 year old Keiffer Moore from Truro City on an 18 month contract.

The 6 ft 3 striker joined Truro this summer after a number of impressive seasons in Cornish football and has scored 13 goals already this season. Keiffer was being watched by a number of clubs and so the club are delighted to have captured his signature having moved swiftly."


  1. I'm struggling to see how this is promotion for the lad? Who's advising him? All he had to do was play out the season with us and then see who wants him. By all accounts there were many clubs watching him. And I'll bet they are more senior than Dorchester. Its just a sideways move but he's now locked in for 18months. Great for the Magpie's pinching more of our players but I really think Kieffer has been short-sighted here. If he'd waited surely Argyle or Torquay would be knocking on the door? Sadly we're still in embargo so there's little we can do. In the last fortnight we have lost Luke, Bobby and now Kieffer, FFS how much more can we take?

  2. Rumoured Dorchester Paid 2k on signing 300 per week plus 100 per Goal, Dorchester struggling at this time apparantly Chairman having to put in 2k a week to keep the Club afloat Sound familar?

  3. I agree, the lad has only to hang on till the end of the season to 1-show some loyalty to the club that has given him a springboard and 2. maybe give himself some better options career wise! I wish him well but what a Muppet!

  4. Truro City get a a fee or was he non contract? Real pity to lose club future. Same with Pugh.