01 February 2013

Truro City FC Statement on Luke McCormick departure

Statement from Peter Masters, Chairman, confirming Luke McCormick's departure.


Luke McCormick joined Truro City Football Club earlier in the season whilst the Club was in administration. Given Luke's previous history, the Club came under substantial criticism from both the local and national press; indeed, some supporters voted with their feet, which proved costly.

That said, the Club remained at Luke's side and gradually introduced him again to the game of football and more importantly the supporters on both sides. Those who know football will need no reminding what happened to Luke at Swindon Town. Truro City is pleased to have been part of Luke's rehabilitation to date and wish him well for the future at Oxford United. Luke's replacement will be announced shortly.

Peter Masters Chairman Truro City Football Club

Further comment from Peter Masters, Chairman:
"At some point a Chairman of a football club has to make a decision whereby you are damned if you do and damned if you don't. This moment came for me whilst in a relegation battle 48hrs before playing one of the top teams chasing for promotion in the Conference South League. The decision to transfer Luke McCormick, our 1st Team Goalkeeper of undoubted ability to Oxford United. According to those in the know and I understand the majority of Truro City supporters, was the right one for the future of the Club, from my perspective. Only time will prove this one way or the other" .


TruroFans takes this opportunity to thank Luke for his services and wish him well for the future.

In the meantime, Bideford Town 'keeper Paul Hider is the name in the frame for Luke's replacement.  Oxford Utd will also be one of the featured teams to visit Treyew Road in the pre season matches this summer.


  1. Does anyone know why he went ?
    Did he jump or was he pushed ?
    Whether you agree with him playing for City or not you have to agree he was a hell of a keeper...

  2. Oxford Utd offered him an opportunity to get back into League football, simple as that. Hope it works put for him.

  3. Looking at twitter postings from Peter Masters last couple of days,is it me or is he certifiable?