27 February 2013

TISA Meet Saturday 2nd March 2013.

TISA Members Meeting Saturday March 2nd 12:30 at Truro Railway Club, Truro.

If you cannot attend and require a copy of Saturday's agenda and a set of minutes from the last meeting then let us know and we'll email you copies. If anybody wants to join then we can email you an application form which if in order and returned to us before Saturday will allow you attend this Saturdays meeting.

All are welcome to join. Forza Truro City.


  1. why don't you have the meeting at the football club?

  2. I will be joining TISA tomorrow because I joined the Truro Fans Trust when it started but when their committee got jobs at the football club they just packed in the Trust. Now I hear that the person who started the fans trust is trying to start an official supporter club? I think that I'll through my lot in with TISA, at least they seem o know what they are doing and are an honest bunch.

  3. Well you are a f****** asso Why not through your lot in with Heaney? Prick