13 February 2013

Truro City v Staines Town Sat 16th Feb - special offer from the club

Truro City v Staines Town - this Saturday 16th February 3pm KO.

Club special offers

This Saturday, the club are offering some enticing deals:

Free new style Matchday Programme to every adult fan.

Reduced price entry for adults at £10

£5 entry for Truro Penwith College students (ID required. This offer is ongoing).

Special one-off £5 entry for Falmouth University students (ID required).

Just in case you forgot about Valentine's Day, what a perfect way to repay your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or partner!


  1. Why special concession for Falmouth students.This should apply to all or none.

  2. TruroFans will enquire why the Club statement only referred to Falmouth Uni students. Possibly just an oversight but we will let you know.

  3. Well Done Truro City putting the fans first.

  4. Is there any thought to the programme being available online via subscription?

    I'm sure that now it's got some content in it that some ex-pats might be happy to pay for this service which in turn will help the clubs coffers in a small way.

    Any thoughts??

    1. Agreed good shout - Live in Swindon so would be grateful to have that to follow the club.

  5. exactly, credit where it's due, ten quid to get in, a good prog' for free plus beer @ £2.50 a pint (nowhere else cheaper within walking distance of the ground) bring it on!

  6. Anyone wanting programmes please email me details are on club website