06 January 2013

Update on Truro City Fans Trust - Statement

Issued on behalf of Will Jones, Trust Chairman 

It is with regret I am announcing the end of the Truro City Fans Trust. Having said that the trust had originally been set up to help save Truro City FC, and now thankfully we still have a club with massive thanks to Peter Masters and Pep Perryman. Without them we would have no club. 

Peter is keen to make sure trust members have a role within the club to help make sure it remains a community club. As such he has asked me to fill the role of Operations Manager, this role is voluntary and I shall receive no money for any work I do, I want that to be clear from the start. 

Peter and Pep really have a dream of transforming this club, and putting it on a solid footing for the future. Emphasis on developing local talent, helping improve Cornish football and trying to brand the club as a county project. All key aims of the trust. 

I can't thank everyone enough for all your hard work over the last few months, and you all deserve a pat on the back. I think it's fair to say we never really dreamed of being in the position we are now. 

If anyone wants to amalgamate their Trust role into something directly involving the club could you let me know please! Don't be shy. If you have done so already credit to you. I can't guarantee a role but will do what I can. 

A trust meeting will be held in due course to deal with any outstanding matters. This meeting will be open to all trustees, “Date to be confirmed shortly and advertised on the trust website”.   

Once again thank you, and a very Happy New Year! Here's hoping for another season in the blue square south! 

Will Jones 
Truro City Fans Trust Chairman

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